Monday, July 06, 2009

Most searched reality shows

Why are reality TV shows so popular? They are cheap to make, because of low production costs. They're not paying actors, and they don't have fancy sets. I think seeing real people in these situations has a universal appeal. I watch the entertainment shows, like American Idol and dancing. America's Got Talent didn't make the most searched shows. This list is from this summer, so AI is pretty low and So You Think You Can Dance is high. (My guess.)

1. Jon and Kate Plus 8 - I don't make it a habit to watch this one on the night it airs new, but I have watched a lot of them. I watched the 2 season openers this time, but I just think it's sad that their private business is out there for all the world to see. I did hear Jon say something that disturbed me. When they announced their separation, he said, "I have to do what's right for me and my kids." To make a marriage work, both partners have to put the other person first, BEFORE themselves. Never easy, always effective. Elijah loves this show.

2. So You Think You Can Dance - You know I love this show - real talent, raw talent, and real dancers who've been honing their craft in hopes of a big break. This is the best season EVER. I can't imagine who's going to win because they're all so GOOD. So much better than the much more sloooow moooving Dancing With the Stars IMHO. I watch in amazement and appreciation as the choreographers and dancers work their magic.

3. The Bachelorette - Kristin watches this one, but you couldn't make me view it with the lure of a Hershey bar and a hot cup of chai. And that's pretty influential. Ick and ick.

4. American Idol - Yes, I've watched every season since season two, and it's a don't miss show for me. Again, the up and coming talent, the participation. I think the draw of some of these shows is that we can vote for our favorites and have a say in the outcome. I always vote. Every year. Sometimes my favorite makes it, sometimes I'm appalled.

5. Dancing With the Stars - I love to watch the dancing and sometimes the stars are fun, but the drudgery of the voting and waiting and drawing out the time is tedious. It doesn't move as quickly as So You Think You Can Dance. Best viewed TiVo's so you can zip through the commercials and judges. I don't get upset if I miss a few.

6. The Hills - Don't know what this is, let me know if you do.

7. The Price of Beauty - I think this will be Jessica Simpson's show. Again, a French Silk pie couldn't lure me to the TV for this show.

8. Big Brother - have never watched it. Don't like controversy and the commercials are about fighting.

9. Survivor - I used to be a die hard fan and never missed this show, but I burned out. It swallows 2 or 3 nights a week if you're really into it, and I got tired of it. It was unique at first, but the challenges just got stupid.

10. Daisy of Love - I think this is a Bachelor reject, but can't swear by it. She may have been on Dancing With the Stars?

The only one of those I've ever watched was when they did My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, and a woman had to pretend that this horrible guy (an actor--later the bartender on Gray's Anatomy) was her fiance in front of her parents. It started out hilarious, then went over the top, but by then I was addicted and had to see if she won.

And I don't get cooking shows. I have cooked nearly every day of my life, and it's just something I do. Sometimes I enjoy it, other times it's a task. I know some people love those shows, but I can't figure out why. To me it's like watching someone mow the yard. I might watch if it's my yard, but not if I'm not reaping the benefits (eating the results). I will watch an occasional landscaping or street appeal makeover, but that's really not a reality show - oh, and would you call Trading Spaces a reality show? I used to love that when it was new and fresh and Paige Davis was on it. Not so much anymore. And I've watched What Not to Wear quite a bit and like it, except when the makeover people are mean. (Can't think of their names--liked the ponytail guy better.) I used to like Clean Sweep -- it terrified and inspired me at the same time.

So, which reality shows, if any, do you watch and why?


  1. I'm a big fan of Hell's Kitchen. My hubby hates it...but I love it. I'm not sure why..? Maybe it reminds me of Boot Camp? That and I think Chef Ramsey is pretty handsome...

  2. I very seldom watch tv. When I do, I would not waste the time on a reality show.

  3. I am really enjoying So You Think You Can Dance this season and really enjoying having a ballerina on the show.

  4. I really dont get into the reality tv stuff. I guess I think it is all way to much drama for me. Why would you want your life advertised for everyone in the world to see what is going on. I just don't understand. I guess you could say I am kinda a private person and I like to watch made up stuff.

  5. I don't watch that much TV either. I would usually rather read a book. My nephew was on AI a few years ago so I had to watch that. He made it through the try outs in Mpls. Was only on a week though in Hollywood. If I watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette I only watch the last few episodes.

  6. I can't say that I've watched an entire episode of any of the shows on the list. I haven't even heard of some of them.

    Loved Clean Sweep, but it doesn't seem to be on any more. :(

    I don't cook, but I watch a lot of cooking shows. Go figure. I like Hell's Kitchen for those times I need to remember somebody is grumpier and bossier in the kitchen than my husband ("Who me?" he says). One of the few things I do cook are pancakes, and that's only because of Alton Brown. I *love* Good Eats.

  7. American Idol is the only one I watch and I don't miss it. The rest they can just dump off the air for all I care! I just don't get into reality TV