Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Love Thine Enemy
LIH July 2009
ISBN 978-0-373-82815-9

The tropics of colonial Florida are far removed from America’s Revolution. Still, Rachel Folger’s loyalties remain with Boston’s patriots. Handsome plantation owner Frederick Moberly’s faithfulness to the Crown is as certain as his admiration for Rachel—but for the sake of harmony, he’ll keep his sympathies hidden. After all, the war is too far distant to truly touch them...isn’t it?

A betrayal of Rachel’s trust divides the pair, leaving Frederick to question the true meaning of faith in God and in country. Inspired by Rachel to see life, liberty, and love through His eyes, Frederick must harness his faith and courage to claim the woman he loves before war tears them apart.


  1. Sounds good. It's a little different time period and locale.

  2. This sounds like an interesting read! A little different then a lot of books.

  3. I read that FL was initially a British colony. I thought it was Spanish, based on Eugenia Price's books. Either way, it sounds great!

  4. It's true that Spain did claim Florida as a colony. But in one of those European wars of the 18th century, Spain lost the territory to England for a period of about 20 years, 1763 - 1783. At the end of the American Revolution, Spain regained possession of Florida, then lost it again to the brand new United States in 1821. I'm so glad the way it turned out! :-) Louise