Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Looking for Parents of 2E Children

Twice Exceptional (2E) children:
Gifted: High Abstract Reasoning
Learning Disability: There's many ways to define a learning disability:IQ/Achievement Discrepency (Autism falls here), Speech & Language, Mental Health Disorders, Behavioral & Developmental Disabilities, Other Health Imapairments (ADD falls here)

Twice Exceptional: Gifted and Learning Disabled Child
In a nutshell, a 2E child is one who is gifted and has a learning disability. If you know any parents who have a child with this diagnosis and who are struggling, please send them to my friend's site at: Robyn is the mom of a 2E child, and she desires to create a community of parents who can help each other.


  1. Cheryl, I've never heard of 2E, but I'll go take a look. My daughter has Angelman's syndrome. Extreme physical and mental disabilities. I've been at home with her for 31 years. Without my writing and the online community, I'd probably be completely bonkers. Thanks!

  2. My son is both autistic and intellectually gifted. His school is so much better at handling the disability than the gifts. :-\

  3. I have a 2E or ??3E son and two more in various stages of diagnosis...all are GT w/ ?something?
    Although my two youngest are in p/s this year, I've withdrawn the oldest and am homeschooling him. M/s was too much drama, angst, and clinical depression for such a fabulous "square peg" and we just refuse to see his energy wasted on the traditional ed model AND the garbage of unappreciative peers. Always open to learning more and doing more for these brilliant boys of mine!