Monday, July 20, 2009

Groovin' on a Saturday Afternoon

When I spotted this out the back window, I grabbed my camera and ran for a shot. He finished mowing the lawn and spotted Kristin's PINK lounge chair in the shed when he put away the mower. Apparently, the shade was irresitable. What a crack up!
I don't post many shots of Mr. Wonderful here, but when I do he usually has a hammer or power tool in his hand.

The sad news is that a wind took off the top portion of this tree last weekend ad dthat was for the THIRD time. We had no landscaping when we moved here, no trees, shrubs, flowers, anything, and this maple is one of the trees we planted immediately upon moving in. We are now shopping for a replacement or two, but will let this half a tree remain until a new one is established. (There's a river birch in front that is BEAUTIFUL, however.)


  1. I don't think my hubby would be to thrilled if I caught him asleep on the pink chair and took a picture. I would have had to do it too though! lol..

  2. Aaawww... He worked so hard. Every tough guy deserves a nap in the shade! (Even if it is in a girly lounge chair).

  3. My hubby always naps in his recliner, he says its to hot outside. I don't think he would use a pink chair, because he doesn't want me putting any pink flowers around his pond.

  4. What a hoot! This made the BlogHer sidebar! He'd KILL me!