Wednesday, July 15, 2009

72 year old wants a baby

Jenny Brown who lives in London has gone through six IVF treatments, trying to get pregnant. She says that her career in mediucal studies and zoology kept her busy throughout her life and she has never been in a relationship, but now she's decided she wants a baby, and that she'd do a good good of parenting.

Jenny has been using donated sperm for 20 years apparently, and now she's advertising for women 20-30 to provide eggs. She believes it's impoortant that she carry this child herself, however, because genetic materical will be transferred. Well, blood, but what else? What kind of medical studies did she pursue if she thinks this?

She has spent the money saved from her career and from rent on a house she owns in hopes of conceiving a child.

This is just wrong on so many levels, I can't even begin to list them all. IF she carried this baby and it lived without all the medical problems that are likely (and that's a big IF) she would be 77 when this child went to kindergarden. A trip, Jenny, take a TRIP before your money's gone! Volunteer in the ICU ward.


  1. In all my research into adoption, I'm pretty sure she would be turned away from an adoption agency because of her age. I can't imagine why doctors do the things they do...and what a disservice she would be doing to that child in a few more years. I think a lot of people like the novelty of having a baby, but don't think through the long-term. Babies grow up to be people!

  2. I'm 72 y/o, I get a backache just walking through the house! Can you imagine what
    carrying a baby in utero would do to my back?

    I just read today that the woman who lied about her age, said she was 55, which is the age limit
    for IVF and delivered twins, died this week.The
    babies are 2 y/o, who is going to care for them?
    She wasn't married and has very little family.
    The twins will end up paying for her extremely
    poor judgement!

    Pat Cochran

  3. Oh, Pat, that is so sad. I pray someone who wants children to love will soon have the twins.

  4. Cheryl,

    I read today that the godson of the twins' mother
    has said he will raise the boys. God bless him
    for stepping up!

    Pat Cochran