Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo Friday week 1

For several weeks I am going to post one of my photographs on Fridays. I took this shot from the car on a trip. It's farm country at sunset in Nebraska.


  1. I love the sky.

    Looking forward to seeing your photos plus the sayings!

  2. I have this one up as part of my screen saver!

    I know folks have seen it and thought it was a professional inspirational thingie. :)

  3. Cher - this is wonderful! What a great idea to post one each Friday! Is photography a serious hobby of yours? You are talented, my friend!

  4. Good morning!

    Char, I do love to take photos, but it's not something I've invested any $$ into - I have an old Sony digital camera -- so old that it will take a flopy disk and a memory stick! But it takes great pictures. I work with them in my HP program - I still haven't mastered Photoshop (takes so much time) and sometimes I add quotes in Powerpoint.

    One year my critique group (hey, *lizzie!) chose to exchange gifts we made ourselves, and I gave each one a framed photograph.

    What a compliment that someone thought it was professional, *lizzie.

  5. I have 12 weeks, including today, scheduled, Michelle.

  6. Cheryl I love all your pictures can't wait to see what you send out this year. I love the bleeding hearts, wished I could grow them.

  7. Well, I think you prove that you don't need a fancy camera to take great pictures!

    Posting photos each week is a great idea..I may have to follow suit. :-)