Sunday, February 08, 2009

Movie Review: Australia

I just came from seeing Australia at the theater--again. I had to see it on the big screen one more time before it goes to DVD. And then I will buy the DVD. I can't get enough of this movie.

And as usual, I'm loving something the critics panned. But I ask you, what could be better than a romance set against the panoramic breathtaking vista of the outback? Set at the onset of WWII, Nicole Kidman is an uptight Englishwoman who travels to Australia to see that her husband sells the cattle ranch that isn't making ny money. Upon her arrival, her husband has been murdered, and "through a series of events" (writers love to say that) she ends up partnering with The Drover - Hugh Jackman - to drive the cattle and save Faraway Downs.

My only peeve is that are are far more promotinal photos of Nicole available than of Hugh. Drat. The story is narrated through the point of view of a young half-white, half Aborigine boy, and the plight of the half-casts is vividly portrayed.

Things to love about this movie:

beautiful horses

good guys vs bad guys

Hugh Jackman

incredible scenery

courage and honor

daring rescues

Hugh Jackman without a shirt

The first time I saw it I was completely surprised that it wasn't a straight romance, which is what I was expecting, but rather an action adventure movie. It's long - and the action never lets up.

Australia is on my A-list of movies to watch again and again.


  1. I'm convinced! I was wondering if I wanted to see this movie... but, Hugh Jackman without a shirt pretty much sold me.
    BTW - I have been wearing my bathrobe backward for the last 4 days and calling it a Snuggie... My husband just rolls his eyes.
    It DOES keep you a blanket! With Sleeves! =)

  2. Oh my gosh, I just laughed out loud and woke the aleady sleeping members of my family! LOL

    Loving picturing you with your robe backwards! Thanks,
    Cher :-)

  3. Cheryl, I had to comment because I completely agree with you about the movie Australia - and Hugh Jackman! I enjoyed everything about it and the time seemed to fly by. A critic somewhere gave it a good review; it may have been Christianity Today's movie page. I felt that Australia was an epic movie going back to the Hollywood of old, and that I really got my money's worth.

  4. Cheryl I can't to see it I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

  5. Yes, Carole, it does have that old Hollywood feel, because of the era. And I was reminded of Pearl Harbor only because of the bombing scenes. It is epic and the images stay with me.

  6. I haven't seen it so as soon as the DVD is available it will be in my living room! Hugh Jackman-say no more!

  7. I'm sad because I didn't get to see the movie in the theatre. Sigh. however, in looking at the pics on your blog, especially the one of HJ walking toward the camera, that he may have to be my first 'dragon cowboy'.

    Interesting how that just slammed into me. :)

  8. Ya know, I was actually buying into the critics' reviews of this film and had no intention of seeing it, but your review has changed my mind!

    I will add it to the Netflix queue and give it a fair shake.

    I'd like to share your review through my Facebook, if you don't mind?

  9. Yes, please share my review and link back here!


  10. Consider yourself shared! ;)

    It didn't pick up the picture or text like I'm used to the share-tool doing, but it's there.

    Thanks again for the review!