Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cheryl Needs a New Blog Meme

You have Robyn (coolestmommie) to thank for this one.
Here's the deal: You google your name plus the word needs inside quotes like this: "Cheryl needs"

Enter that in the google search bar and then list the first fifteen hits that come up. This was actually addicting, and it's late and I cracked up, what can I say.

Cheryl needs to learn that reading is a solitary activity (Unless someone is reading over your shoulder. Duh.)

Cheryl needs to write some functions to figure out how that happened. (Cheryl functions best when she's writing.)

Cheryl knows she need to show her feet, from heel to toe. (oka-a-ay)

Cheryl needs guidance (where are we going?)

Cheryl needs an assistant. (Yes! This does work!)

Cheryl needs a bigger bum (WAIT! Whoa! NOT.)

Cheryl needs caffeine (only if you want see her in a coma - Cheryl hasn't had caffeine for 15 years)

Cheryl needs to follow her heart. (aw-w-w)

Cheryl needs 2 get ova herself. (could be)

Cheryl needs to pick on someone her own speed and size. (is there anyone my speed?)

Cheryl needs to stay at the weight she is at, she looks hotter than ever. (Okay, so maybe this is all true stuff)

Cheryl needs to keep on her toes. (They know my husband!)

Cheryl needs her head read. (scary - you don't wanna go there)

Cheryl needs to quickly rein herself in (whoa there, girl)

Cheryl needs to set specific and attainable goals with realistic timelines (AWK - they saw my planner!)

Cheryl needs to obtain a "P" Visa (does that mean I can go potty in any country?)

Cheryl needs a feminine look that softens the lines of her face and accents her bubbly personality (Yeah, well, all my fans think so)

Cheryl needs to eat a few fish & chips! (meet you at Joe Tess!)


  1. I warned you how fun this is...we then wen through all the names in our family. It's such a total crack-up!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, what fun! *lizzie needs to eat more food. *lizzie needs acting lessons. *lizzie needs a break. *lizzie needs a home. *lizzie needs surgery.

    Yep, this can be addictive, big time!

  3. Saw this on facebook, definitely addicting!
    BTW, visiting via your post featured on Blogher ads.