Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meryl Streep Has Two Golden Globe Nominations

Because I can't resist, I dug up one of these then and now pics.

I appreciate Meryl Streep and think she is brilliant in most everything she does. She shined in The Devil Wears Prada. I've liked her since (can't think of the name) with Dustin Hoffman. But Mama Mia!? Pu-leeze. My opinion of that movie is no secret. And if you don't know, read it here: MOVIE REVIEW: MAMA MIA!

If she wasn't brilliant, the movie would have tanked, because everyone else sucked bilge water.
With nominations for two movies, Doubt and Mamma Mia!, Meryl Streep is now the most nominated actor with 23 nominations. Six previous wins ties her with Jack Nicholson.

I am off to research Doubt, because I haven't seen it.


  1. Kramer vs Kramer.

    I'm not a Meryl fan, by any means and thought she was way overrated early in her career. She has come into her own, though, and I have enjoyed later movies. I really liked...and now that I thought of the name for your movie, can't remember mine :) where she was the violin teacher in Harlem.

  2. Sean & I were just talking about Kramer vs. Kramer last week---but I couldn't come up with the name.


  3. Just left your From The Heart Page
    which showed 4 photos: 2 of Meryl,
    1 each of you and Ellen. Call me
    crazy, but you all look as though you
    could be related! ( Oh, I've only
    seen the ads/promos for Mamma Mia
    on TV! )

    Pat Cochran

  4. Cheryl what is really bad is I bought Mamma Mia what a waste of money and time, I have tried to give it to the kids and they don't want it either.

  5. Holding up my hand from the other side, and waving it! :-) I loved Mamma Mia, and even though some of the singing and dancing was less than stellar, I thought the gutsiness of the performances more than made up for any lack. Of course, unlike the other lizzie, I am a Meryl fan, which undoubtedly makes a difference.

  6. I loved Mama Mia. It was fun. The audience at the cinema was brilliantly into the film and perhaps that made the difference. Was it a great story? No. Was it great entertainment for a wet summer in the UK? Yes. It was fun and a bit of fluff. Apparently the church where the wedding took place is now booked solid.
    Meryl Streep is one of the best actresses of her generation. It is fantastic that she has been able to beat the age trap. She won an oscar for Kramer v Kramer didn't she?