Monday, January 26, 2009


Here's the photo Brenda sent me of her beautiful grandbaby Isabel. She's all decked out for the holidays and just precious. Thanks, Brenda! You deserve to be a proud Gramma.

This is Elle, Mary Coneally's new grandbaby who was born just a week ago. She's the prettiest little thing. Can't you just SMELL her baby goodness by looking at this pic? Mary has been in the city hogging--er, I mean helping take care of sweet Elle. Congratulation, Grandma!


  1. Beautiful babies! Congratulations to both Grandma's. Aren't grandchildren the most wonderful blessing? God sure knew what he was doing to give you kids first and then grandbabies to love.

  2. Oh Cheryl Elle is so cute, I love little ones. I have a hard time staying away from Isabel she is so loveable. I will have to send you an updated picture she has changed so much. Thanks for posting her picture.

  3. Yes, DO, Brenda! You know I'll post it.

  4. Elle is even more beautiful now. She just keeps improving. :)
    No bias in that reporting!

    by the time she'd a year old she's glow she'll be so pretty.

    That picture was taken day one. And seriously, she'd hardly had time to get dressed up and ready for pictures.