Monday, September 15, 2008

another of my purchases

Here's the shelf that Mr. Wonderful made over the back door. I love the cottage style it adds. It holds pretty plates and white cream pitchers, also a couple of vintage teapots. The door was a new addition when the room was remodeled. That space used to be a window in our old dining room.

The pitcher on the right is the new one. It's old ironstone and cost me a whole dollar at the fundraiser sale. How I love a bargain!

Anyone else collect pitchers, creamers or white ironstone?


  1. I don't collect ironstone, but MY Mr. Wonderful built me a wonderful shelf over our patio door that holds some of my teapots and cups. I'd send you a picture but I'm sitting on the beach at the Oregon coast on vacation. :-)

  2. Well, TOO bad for you! LOL Hope you're having a wonderful time! Is it cold??

    When you get home, I really want a picture!!!