Friday, May 09, 2008

Winners of Beaded Book Thongs

Okay, it's after 10pm on Friday and I promised to announce winners of the bookmarks I made. You guys did great with your lists! Thanks to all who posted.

And the winners are:

CONNIE - blue
BETSY - purple

I'll go to the post office at the first of next week and mail them out, so send me your addresses at


  1. Thanks Cheryl, I will love having these beads in my collection!

  2. Thanks so very much, Cheryl! I won
    a book thong in another contest and
    it came in today. I was telling my husband about it and his reply was
    "Your beaded book what?? When last
    I saw him he was still scratching his
    head!! LOL!

    Pat Cochran

  3. Thank you, thank you Cheryl.
    I'm sorry I'm late with the thank you but I was in Portland having a "girls weekend" for Mother's Day with Mandy and just got back a little while ago.

    This just makes it even more special! THANK YOU AGAIN.

    Contratulations Connie & Pat!