Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The New American Idol!

WHOO HOO! I'm a happy camper tonight.


  1. I am happy about both the American Idol and DWTS winners. Kristi was by far the best dancer, and she deserved to win. This season's competition was very entertaining with lots of good dances, attractive people, and nice personalities. On Idol I really didn't care which David won. I am just glad that it came down to them. Of course, I would have liked to see Michael Johns last longer. David Cook is a great singer, and he seems like a really nice guy. David Archuleta is cute and a good singer, but he can only do ballads. He is young and has a chance to grow in his career. Now that Idol and DWTS are over and Grey's Anatomy is over tomorrow, what will I watch?! Any recommendatons?

  2. Cher - my hat's off to you! You picked David Cook early on and you were right! I liked both David's and just like Simon, I didn't care who won - I think they both will do well!

    I'm glad Kristi won on DWTS too. She deserved it and made such tough moves look easy. Wonder which Olympians they'll get next year?

    I guess now, I'll get more reading done - no more reality TV shows to watch!!

  3. woo hoo is right. There was some cheering going on at my house. But I would have cheered for either David. C has the more sparkly eyes, and that's a high point in my book! Along with a voice I would buy on CD.

    I thought it was funny that A had on boxers when he did the risky business. LOL

    Kristi was always my choice, too on Dancing. I've loved her ever since she was just a little thing doing pairs with Rudy Galinido.

    Cheri, a recomendation? I love So you think you can dance--which starts tonight. Although if you're watching Greys... But the beginning's like with idol, they show tryouts...

  4. I agree with Charlene, we were cheering at our house but I loved David A. just as much. The end was a real class act with David C. sharing lots of the spotlight with David A. Lots of hugs etc.

    All of our favorite shows ended this week. Bones, House, Idol. I told hubby dearest that now we don't have any excuse to get out of taking walks in the evenings! Unfortunately he agreed.