Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Idol Prediction

I don't think anyone missed the Idol prediction for this week. It was unfair of the judges to come down hard on the contestants - especially Syesha. It was a no-brainer. It wouldn't have mattered what she sang - she was going home this week.

She could have sang like Alicia Keys and the two Davids could have sang with their mouths full of crackers, and she would have gone home tonight.

Syesha really grew and did well the last few weeks. Seeing all of them at their home towns was great.

David Archuleta played it very smart with the teeny bopper song. Did you see the crowds of little girls in Utah? Holy cow! Do NOT underestimate the tween vote! Look how many Hannah Montana concerts are sold out. He has a huge fan base.

Kristin downloaded Davis Cooks's song for me.

It will be really close. I predicted the battle of the Davids, and now I predict David Cook as the winner.

But I've been disappointed in America's voting before....


  1. we've been pretty close in our idol thoughts this year, Cher. And so it continues.

    I couldn't believe it when Paula said Syesha wouldn't make it to the finals--uh...Paula never says stuff like that.

    I like both Davids and won't be too disappointed if A wins over C. They both have the ability and drive to go far. C really grew on me--after he got his hair cut. LOL He's quickly developing into a character for me though. Otherworldy of course. Ah, just what I need...

  2. I appreciate your thoughts, Cheryl, and hope you're right about David C. Both of them will have great careers, and although I don't care for rock music, I think David C. is the best performer at this stage.

  3. I agree with every word you wrote Cheryl. It was great to see them at home and I also thought the comments to Syesha was almost cruel. She did so well the last few weeks.

    I also think it will be very close next week.

  4. I think the 2 Davids should be in the finals, but it seemed like the judges did treat Syesha unfairly. She's an excellent singer and my hubby's fav.

    I'm a David A fan, but I like Cook's voice a whole lot too. I think Cheryl has it right, David Cook will win. Both are great!