Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Hutch Project

I posted about the kitchen hutch project I've been working on.


  1. Wow Cheryl you guys have done so much work, How about coming to my house and finishing up the upstairs for me. It is almost done except for the trim not sure that will ever get put up but that is okay. I see how one thing getting done leads to another thing needing to get done that is how it is at our house but it seems like not one thing seems to get all the way done. LOL
    I couldn't believe you painted the hutch all that wood I am not sure I could have done that but it looks great so you did a wonderful job.
    I like all the older light fixtures, I agree with you the ceiling fan needs to go I would love to get rid of the one in our dinning room but Hubby doesn't want it to go.
    Keep up the good work can't wait to see it when it is all done, and you can sit there and take a deep breath of relief that it is over.

  2. You both did so much work on this
    project! Great job!

    Pat Cochran

  3. Oh I forgot to tell you I love your dream kitchen.