Friday, May 09, 2008

Good-bye to Jason

America's Sweetie

Jason Castro left American Idol this week. It was his time to go. The votes have been right on for the past few weeks. Honestly I would have voted off Syesha weeks ago, but she's pulled it off with her showtune style. If she just wouldn't sing high notes - YIKES.

I predicted Jason this week. It's going to be down to the two Davids, of course, and I think David Cook will win. David Archuleta can definitely sing and updates songs, but he's just a little...well, boring. David Cook brings the excitement every time.

So, what's your Idol prediction? Syesha next, and then the two Davids will battle it out and David Cook will win. Agree?


  1. I'm in complete agreement with you, Cheryl, but I don't know which David will win. I think David C. is more deserving of the title, but you never know with those teenage voters!

  2. I really cannot give you an opinion
    on the winner, because I have not
    watched the show. I know the names
    and have heard tiny bits of their
    performances, not enough to give a
    valid opinion. I'm a Dancing With
    The Stars fan!

    Pat Cochran

  3. I definitely think the final will be the battle of the davids. Syesha is too screechy for me--always has been.

    It will depend on the teeny bopper votes to be sure. But if you look at past Idol winners,and non-winning contestants I hope that David A. wins. I think he would benefit more from the idol 'contract' time. David C's gonna be successful no matter what. Yep, I'd buy his cd and go see him in concert. Not so sure about david a.

  4. Agree totally. I heard Jason today on Ellen and he said that he totally expected to be voted off and that he was "freaking out" about having to do 3 songs this week.

    I really like David A. but David Cook is a much better showman. His Phantom of the Opera song blew everyone I know away.