Thursday, May 01, 2008

Garage Sale Fever


Yes, it's here. The season of bargain shopping. I wait all year for my favorite subdivisions. My favorite of all is Arbrust Acres, the next division west of us. Incredible homes, many of them established (ahem--mature) homeowners. Today was a jackpot.

I have wanted some of these for a long time, but you can't touch them on ebay for less than $30 each. When I saw this little trio standing in the back of a garage full of wordworkers tools I looked at the stickers (AWK- stickers on Lefton!) and each said $5. Okay. My budget for this is deliberately small. I start out with a pocket full of ones and quarters so I don't go crazy. But all right, maybe I won't get much else today, because I have to have these.

I take them to the nice elderly lady who tells me they were her mother's and that none of her chidlren wants them. How sad. I assure her I'll give them a special place and enjoy them year round. She says, "That's five dollars."

"For all three?" I ask in amazed delight.

"For all three."

Whoo hoo!

If you don't have the collector gene like me, you won't get it, and I just feel bad for you. But if you do, you'll know how happy I was to take them home with money to spare!


  1. I wished I could be out there with you Thursday's are the best day for garage sales. I am always looking for different Mickey things. And now Baby things, wow there are a lot of things you need for a baby you would think I never had one with the stuff there is out there. I don't remember having all those fancy things. Maybe I am getting way to old.

  2. Oh, we don't have Garage Sales around here, just flea markets, and nearest one is way too far away from my home.

    I love a good bargain, too and a good trade even more, since when you trade you don't have to pay a penny, unless you need to mail it, of course... I have all these things like stamps, books, coverflats, pins, fridge magnet, Garfield key chain, tiny ghost finger puppet and other things I don't collect or wish to keep. Problem is finding someone who would like to trade them for something, like cat stamps, books, yarn....