Monday, May 12, 2008

ERIN and the Month of Nostalgia

It was a very sentimental weekend, with Mother's Day and Erin's graduation. And wouldn't you know it, OF ALL PEOPLE I forgot my camera!? So while I'm waiting -- did you hear me say WAITING? for daughters to send me pictures, I got nostaglic and found a few to post in honor of the graduate.

In fact I believe this will be the month of nostalgia. Yes, it's official. If it's in the post label, it's a done deal.

Here she is, day one, minutes after being born into our waiting arms.
Yes, that's me. No, I didn't need glasses to see her. And to be honest I did a double take when I found this picture, but after noting the ring I am never without on my middle finger, confirmed it was indeed me.

And here she is with her Papa. Eighteen years is all it takes for dark hair to disappear, imagine that....

Ain't she sweet? Erin's lying on a blanket I made. Her hair was dark for a few weeks and gradually got lighter and lighter.

More to come........


  1. What a cutie!

    Congratulations to Erin on her

    Pat Cochran

  2. Oh look how time flies, you can tell she is loved very much. I hope I am really close to my granddaughter. I can't wait we found out it is a little girl..YEAH!
    I made it through graduation and party wow I am tired I could use a week off from work. NOT happening, can't wait to see all the pictures..

  3. Congrats on your grad, Brenda - and on the new baby coming!

    LeighAnn's monitor went OUT on her PC which is only 2 months old, and she's now waiting on a new one to be shipped to her! ARGH! SO we haven't seen the pictures yet. I'm trying to get her to come over here with her memory card.

  4. Cheryl, I have a picture of me and my son that looks like that; We must truly be twins! LOL

  5. Robert had a beard and full head of hair then too. Brian looked like the one of Erin, different blanket, same pose!

    So much fun to see pictures as they grow and change; went to a
    50th Anniversary Sat where the granddaughter also celebrated her HS graduation; I remember her various stages shown in photos. Hard to believe we've been here 13 yrs!