Monday, May 05, 2008


In honor of Mother's Day, I'm holding a contest! The prize is a beaded glass book thong (bookmark) made personally by me just for you.

What you must post here is a list.

Pick one of these:
The Top Five Things I'd Like to Get for Mother's Day

The Top Five Things I Wish I Could Give My Mom for Mother's Day

The Top Five Worst Gifts You Could Give Me For Mother's Day

:::click to enlarge photo:::

And -- don't forget to leave your list lying around where someone can see it!
And -- I think I might have to include a book with that bookmark!
And -- I'll probably draw more than one name ... oh for sure, more than one.

Also let me know which one you would prefer to win, the green one, the blue one or the purple one.

Get started on your list!


  1. The top 5 things I would like to get are

    1. My children to get along
    2. A picture of the two girls together not to many more years that we will all be in one place.
    3. A few good books to read
    4. Some time off to do what I want to do.
    5. And a fairy to come and finish the projects in my house.

  2. The 5 things I would love to give my mother is.

    1. I would love to buy a house for her
    2. New cloths( not saying her cloths are bad but I know she wants new ones)
    3. Enough money so she doesn't have to worry anymore.
    4. Tons of flowers so she would be happy from all the beautiful colors and smells always around her.
    5. I would love to find something to make her happy since Dad has gone she is not happy anymore.

    I guess my wishes for Mom are really hard ones but I will work on them.
    What are your wishes and dislikes?

  3. The top 5 things I would like to get are

    1. My children to get along
    2. A picture of the two girls together not to many more years that we will all be in one place.
    3. A few good books to read
    4. Some time off to do what I want to do.
    5. And a fairy to come and finish the projects in my house.

  4. Oh yes I forget to tell you the book marks are beautiful.

  5. Since the others chose the other two questions I'll answer the last one.

    l. A rug cleaner
    2. Vacuum
    3. Anything with a plug!
    4. Anything that has to do with cleaning.
    5. Nothing

    All of the above have been given to me as gifts from my husband - luckily my 2 girls have never given me the above roflmao.

  6. oops I forgot to say any of the bookmarks would be fine - they're all pretty.

    Oh and I just realized "the others" were all one person hahaha.

  7. My top 5 things to get are:

    1. A day together with my family.
    2. No cooking
    3. More books
    4. No housework
    5. An hour to sit and read and not worry about anything else.

  8. Five things I would love to give my mother:
    1. Respect that I didn't always give.
    2. 100% of my effort on whatever she asked me to do.
    3. To do everything she asked of me without grumbling.
    4. Help when not asked.
    5. Lastly, I would just like to give her one more hug and tell that I love and appreciate all she did for me and taught me.

    My mother went to live with her Lord 10 years ago and I miss her every day.

    Those of you who can...let your mother know how much you love every single day.

  9. hi cheryl!

    as my mom has been dead 25 years, if only i could just tell how very much i loved for making me who i am one more time i'd be truly blessed!

    as for what i want, that would be so easy, INSTANT HEALING for my semi-paralyzed body.


  10. 5 things I want:
    1. My oldest daughter home for Mother's Day.
    2. My middle daughter to be pain free
    3. My youngest daughter to be happy.
    4. For me, some books
    5. Someone to clean my house.

    For my Mom:
    1. Controlled diabetes.
    2. Better eyesight.
    3. Some yarn for knitting.
    4. Health for her pets
    5. All of us on Mother's Day

    Worst presents
    1. car wash coupons
    2. more car wash coupons
    3. flowers that I am allergic to
    4. taking out everyone and paying for it myself
    5. No free time

  11. My top five for me:
    1. gift certificate for International bead company
    2. gift certificate for Beads etc.
    3. gift certificate for Brightling Beads.
    4. Massage
    5. work with all those beads I could buy.

  12. The top five things I would like to get are:

    1. A picture of all of my kids and grandkids.
    2. A C.D. by Jamie & Alex. (My boys)
    3. A paid off mortgage.
    4. The new built-in bookshelves I've designed to cover an entire wall in the house.
    5. A new blender. (This is probably what I'll really get!)

    And I really love the purple bookmark. The blue one is nice too.

  13. Top 5 things I'd like to get:
    1. A massage
    2. A nap
    3. My former abode SOLD!
    4. Another massage (or perhaps a trip to the movies with hubby & me)
    5. Dinner someplace that I pick--with silverware and waitstaff...not wrapped in paper ordered at the counter.

    I have one of these beautiful bookmarks, but gotta say for purple, I'd suffer with another one. HA!

  14. Five things I would give my mom:

    1. The body of a 25 year old.
    2. The brains of a 99 year old.
    3. Warren Buffett's retirement account.
    4. George Clooney

    Who needs anything else??

  15. Wow, you guys were FAST! Good job! I loved all of your lists.

  16. 1The 5 things I would love to give my mother are (if I only had the money)
    1. A new roof to the house and a complete renovation
    2. Lots of historical romance books
    3. Two weeks in a spa and
    4. 2 weeks in Canada to see some relatives and
    4. 2 weeks in Lapland to see her sister and some other relatives.

  17. Top Five to GIVE my mother:
    1. an apology for every time I talked disrespectfully to her
    2. an apology for every time I thought her advice was wrong
    3. an apology for not always being thankful for the food she prepared for me
    4. an apology for every time I didn't recognize that she was sacrificing something of hers for my own comfort
    5. a THANKYOU for always loving me, even without the apologies.

  18. The Top Five Things I Wish I Could Give My Mom for Mother's Day

    1. Money
    2. Airplane ticket to Scotland
    3. Apartment or Condo on the gulf coast of FL
    4. Date with a British or Scottish man (lol)
    5. New car

    Thanks for the invite, Cheryl. It's good to "see" you and everybody!

    The blue one! *g*

  19. Hi Cheryl,
    Forgot to tell you which one I would like but it doesn't matter anyway because whichever one would be a treasure in my bead collection.

  20. The top things I would love to get for Mother's Day:

    1. Hugs/kisses from Ashley & Taylor
    2. Hugs/kisses from Paul & Julia
    3. Hugs/kisses from Scott & Mason
    4. Hugs/kisses from Abbey & Sadie
    5. Hugs/kisses from Tristan & Jude

    (The above are my grandchildren)

    Any color will do for me.

    Pat Cochran

  21. Cheryl what are 5 things you would like to have or not have? It will be nice to see what you would like.

  22. Hey, Brenda, thanks for asking! My top five things I'd like for Mother's Day:

    1. my kitchen completely finished!
    2. go to a movie and out to eat
    3. a nice drive with my hubby and browse a few antique malls
    4. world peace (wait, this isn't the Miss America pageant, is it?)
    5. my house paid off in full

    I was dreaming big ,and notice I didn't ask for any car wash coupons! LOL

    What we'll actually be doing is going to church and then to Erin's graduation!

  23. Cheryl love your list I understand about the kitchen I have some of those projects as you know but I am not asking anymore one day I am just going to hire someone (when I get rich) so you know that won't happen anytime soon.
    I will be doing Melissa's gradutation from UNO I think I will have my hands full I wasn't thinking I was going to have to do to much but the list has really grown and it seems like i try and get one thing done and I end up finding 5 more to do.
    So pray for me that day & tell Erin congrats.

  24. I missed the boat by forgetting how to sign on; Lucky for Connie, Pat C & Betsy!!

    List to receive for Mother's Day:
    1)amethyst bracelet (to match earrings, necklace & ring have)
    2)Chores done without protest or delay "What can I do for You?" so I can focus on job search and sorting/packing to move
    3)gift cert to ANY bookstore & time to read them (see # 2! ROFL)
    4)Massage, pedicure, manicure
    5)tickets to Women of Faith BIG event in Texas or Kathy Trocolli concert

    My Mom is deceased but others did ADMIRABLE job of expressing my wishes for her.