Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Adult Delivery

UPS calls a day ahead to make sure someone will be home to sign for deliveries from wine .com. I got the call and knew it was my bottle of champagne from Harlequin. The editors and team send the RITA finalists a bottle of bubbly. How great is that?

I didn't have a minute to do Kasey's still life challenge last month, so this morning I whipped out my Sony and dusted off last year's RITA bottle (we're such big drinkers, ya know) and shot this. I broke a bloom from the orchids my agent sent. Now I have a commemorative kind of photo and a still life all in one.

AFter last night with my wonderful can't-live-without-them critique partners (thank you *lizzie, Donna and Sherri) I was up until 2 AM doing edits. I still have a few more to polish. I was a wee bit stuck at the end. And then the book will be in my editor's hands. I love this story. More about that later.

Anyhoo I got a reminder from RWA office that they hadn't rec'd my copies of the novella for the final judging! Oh no! Dragged my hiney out of bed this morning and shot to the PO to get them sent off.

Almost caught up. But not.
I'm making split pea soup today. mmmm Jay is putting up new trim around the front windows. I've finally trained the dog not to bark at the nail gun. More about my new dog whisperer career later, too.


  1. you're most welcome!

  2. Again I say CONGRATULATIONS!! So excited and proud.

    It's fun to have a famous RITA-nominee for a friend. :-)

    Love from your BFF!

  3. It was super-duper fun. I'm especially glad nodody died in the process..if ya' know what I mean...

  4. "Congratulations" on your RITA
    nomination! "Good Luck" in the

    I've just placed "Western Weddings" on my TBP list for my next trip to the bookstore!

    Pat Cochran