Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Springtime in the Heartland

I've been busy creating a couple of proposals for new stories that are contracted, but not written. Weekends we pretty much putter at getting the kitchen wrapped up. We have our living room painted now and most of the furniture put back -- it's amazing. Of course everything is half or partially done - wood trim especially. But I did unearth my cookbooks! For months, I had to find recipes online instead of in my favorite dog-eared books.

We're gearing up for a graduation in the family! Remember those gorgeous photos I posted a while back? Only a couple of weeks now.

It's Spring in Nebraska. We waver from cold and rainy to beautiful sunshine. It's still a tad early for planting or gardening, but people have been mowing already. And we've only just put away the snowblowers!

What's up with you this week?


  1. spring in the heartland with a picture of macaws... gee, all I get in my yard are finches, robins and grackles. LOL

  2. We've got the same spring! A chance of snow on Wednesday and it's 69 today! Just like Nebraska only in Washington.

    We're preparing for a graduation too. Alex get's his Masters from EWU in June and has a job all lined up in Japan starting in July. I'm not ready for that-he's only 19! We'll be true empty nesters then!