Monday, April 28, 2008

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last week?

What did you think?
I felt as though I missed something. And I still want to &*%$# slap Izzie. As if Dead Denny and the deer weren't bad enough, putting Cheech Martin through a battery of unnecessary tests just to chalk up points was ridiculous. Don't we need to feel a tad of respect for the medical profession when we watch?

We're told Meredith and McDreamy will finally be together this year. What are we waiting for? George needs a kick in the...rump. Christine's story line is in the trash can. Callie and the new doctor? I'm getting creeped out there.

AFter its long-awaited return, Grey’s Anatomy earned its lowest first-run rating ever last Thursday.

16 million viewers
6.3 rating/15 share among adults 18-49.
It still beat out its competition, becoming the highest-rated scripted show since February. That speaks highly of the sad state of television these days.

ABC wasn’t the only network to see huge drops in their ratings.
CBS and NBC hit all time lows as well, and FOX came in fourth.

Well, ER may be heading for its last season and fumbling a few plot threads, but for bigger-than-life excitement and realism, they still win hands down in my book.

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Gery's Anatomy, Cheryl, but I still watch it (previously recorded and fastforward commercials). Sometimes it seems pretty shallow, other times surprisingly deep. But I agree with you - ER has always been a favorite of mine.