Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tournament Weekend

Alexis had a soccer tournament over the weekend. Here she is going after the ball.

And here she is cheering for the goal she just kicked!

Here are mom and dad watching the game. It was pretty nippy at the 9:30 AM game, but it warmed up by afternoon.

Blogger wasn't cooperating all weekend. If you missed me, I missed you, too!


  1. What a dynamo! She must take after her grandma :)

  2. AHH soccer season is here-- We just finished a tournament a couple of weeks ago and DD scored her first outdoor goal. It was a great moment! AND the team won their first tournament-- trophies and all! It was a tiring weekend but so much fun! What will we do in the winter months on the weekends?

  3. Sherri, I concur!

    My 8th grade neighbor girl plays in- AND out-door soccer so only gets a week or so between seasons, plus Vball & hurdles. Sounds like a LOT to me, but who am I to judge?-- I played softball 2-3 x a wk for 8 yrs, age 24 to 32, plus weekend tournaments, including 2 pregnancies.

  4. Yes, missed you desperately, but was cheered by my discovery of Xmas Gold AND The Tenderfoot Bride among those few missing from my CSJ list, plus 3 more.