Monday, October 29, 2007

Tips to Look Ten Pounds Thinner This Fall

Here's what the experts suggest for fall fashion:

- Solid, dark colors are much more streamlined and flattering than giant, multi-colored splotches, so scale back on big, bold and busy prints.

- Black is your best friend, but it's not the only color on the slenderizing spectrum. Chocolaty browns, olive greens and charcoal grays are hot this season, so stock up on these slimming shades.

- Layers can often lessen the appearance of bulges while you work on lightening your load. Jackets and coats that are hip-length or longer lengthen bodies and create a lean appearance.

- Tans are trimming, so keep up your summer glow with a safe self-tanning solution. Don't use this as an excuse to sunbathe, though.

- Accessories, such as extra-long necklaces or a super-wide belt, can distract from or hide problem areas, while a strategically-placed oversized clutch purse can chicly camouflage your tummy troubles.

- Size right by wearing the size that you currently are, not the size that you wish you were. Don't settle into a double-wide. Clothes that are too big are equally as unflattering.

Supplement your wardrobe with a few articles of clothing that fit you right now and that are reusable at any weight, since you can always get them tailored to fit again once you trim down. Specifically, shop for these size-suitable items:

- Black Pants: Before the bottom falls out of your style, pick up at least one pair of this flattering and slimming staple.

- A-Line Skirt: With this perfectly flattering cut, you'll be totally hip to the game of dressing right for your size.

- Empire-Waist Dress: A fashionable and flowing frock can conceal a stomach, hips, thighs and just about anything else you want to keep under wraps.

- Tunic Top: While getting in shape and beyond, your style can totally stomach shirts like this. You'll never have to suck it in again.

- Extra-long Necklaces: You don't have to string along style while you lose weight. Slenderize while you accessorize. Create a leaner line on your top half with lengthening necklaces.

- Belted, Hip-Length Jacket: This chic cut slices stomachs and dices hips while keeping you cool while you stay warm.

- LAY OFF THE CHOCOLATE. Oh wait, that wasn't the experts, that was me talking to myself.


  1. black huh? Gee, then I'll look like a black barn instead of just a barn. LOL

    I'll take issue with fashion designers on some of this, though. I agree tunic tops are great--but I don't consider a top that's 29 inches long a tunic on my 5'9" height! And unfortunately, that's how many are labeled. Oh, what a soap box I could climb up on now.

  2. I'm with you. I had trouble with the empire waist dress. If you have junk in your trunk, this only emphasizes it -- or points out the size of your boobs, which some like to show off and others prefer not to flaunt.

    And what good would a belt be on any outfit if it emphasized a not-so-flattering waist size? Much of this, of course, depends on body style. If you have thick legs, cover them up! If your legs are great, show them off - if you're small on top, use that to your advantage.

    Have you watched What Not to Wear? Like it because they help real women find a look that is flattering for them. I got hooked way back the first season and purged my closet. All those cardigan sweaters with designs on them--buh-bye! LOL I loved the ponytail guy who's not on any more. Never seem to find the show on now, but then I don't look for it either.

  3. A little trivia for you: Did you know that 'pony tail guy' is thought to be responsible for the whole 'wardrobe malfunction' at the Super Bowl? Rumor has it he orchestrated the whole event. What a backfire.

    TLC says audiences hated him. I liked him, but I did think he was a little touchy-feely with the ladies.

  4. LOL Sherri! You mean Ponytail Guy boobytrapped Janet Jackson??

  5. What not to wear is on Friday nights--so I don't get to see it often.