Saturday, October 27, 2007

Renee Reads

Renee Reads Top 100 List
Got my Google Alert this morning, so I visited the places listed. (Google Alerts let you know whenever someone posts your name or book title, or anything you have tracked.) Visited Renee Reads where she has posted her top favorite 100 books. What a task, can you imagine?

Anyway, she has two of my books listed in among authors like Linda Howard, Mary Balough and Judith Ivory. I am honored.


  1. Now I KNOW that's not Renee unless he has a French alias! LOL
    Brings to mind my David intently reading Robert Jordan and others.

    Congrats on making her list, as good as being on Santa's!

  2. No, LOL< that's Elijah after mismatch day and the book fair at school. You can barely see his socks don't match, but he has red shirt and orange shorts.