Saturday, October 27, 2007

Recipe Rewards

WDMCuz has sent me several recipes to share with you and to post in my archives. Remember, her first was the Salted Nut Roll bars?

I'm sending Cuz mail this week! Packets of seeds from my very own garden. I'm collecting like crazy so I can share.

If you send me a recipe, I'll send you seeds for your next year's garden!

I'll include giant zinnias, which attract the butterflies like crazy!
DISCLAIMER: Caterpillar not included.

Thanks, Cuz!


  1. I'll be watching my mail! How exciting. Your garden is so beautiful. Can't wait to add your seeds to mine next spring. Thanks!

  2. Cheryl, this might motivate me to get my submission in and to garden. Or I could share with my close friend who adds color to our church grounds with LOVELY flowers like yours. Either way, a Win-Win-Win situation.
    BTW, Cuz, THANKS for the salted nut roll bars recipe-will try when son is home from college at Xmas!