Saturday, October 13, 2007


Let's have a little interactive fun!

Send me your favorite chocolate or dessert recipe - or chocolate dessert recipe - I want your tried-and-true hands-down winner. If you have a pic of it that would be GOOD, but if not, send me a pic of YOU - that would be GREAT.

I'll add them to the recipe archives so everyone can enjoy.
Please send the recipe in the body of an email, nicely formatted to
in the subject line: RECIPE
and attach a photo or tell me where to grab one. If you don't include a photo, I'll pick one to use. !!


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  1. We love you, too, Cheryl, whether you are tempting us with edible goodies, eye candy (those hunka-hunka heroes/cowboys/etc) or your latest WONDERFUL wordsmithing results. You keep us in the loop on the quaint and curious, introduce us to intriguing, kindred spirits (colleagues, authors, fans & family) and share your MARVELOUS photo talent. You are so APEELING (picture an apple with the peel twining off.)
    Now if you could actually share those chocolate outcomes--virtual reality just isn't real enough and I rarely cook or bake! LOL
    I am the reason Bakesales were invented- some customer has to write the check! ROFL

    I'm IMPRESSED with your pantry (labeled ready to bake-- chuckle)

    Off school Thurs & Fri so will have time to search for recipe AND get someone to scan the school photo I mentioned.

  2. Thank you, Lou Ann, you are so sweet. I appreciate hearing how much you enjoy this blog. When I started this endeavor, it was sort of a lark, and I didn't really think I'd ever have anything remarkable enough to say to draw you guys are an unexpected blessing! And the hits have steadily grown, which is totally cool. Thank you for putting the essense of my blog into a capsule -- I may have to use your words: the quaint and the curious - LOL - hunka-hunka-heroes! Loved it.


  3. I agree with Lou, she's much better with words than I am. She should be a writer too. There's a reason I read, not write!
    I'm getting a new range this week. They installed the gas line today. It's a gas cooktop with an electric convection oven. I am so excited, can you feel the vibes? I'll finally be able to can all of my veggies and fruits again. I've had a smooth cooktop and I can't use my big quart canning pot on it. (The manufacturers say it could crack the entire cooktop.) Of course the salesman didn't tell me that when I bought it just 4 years ago. Oh well, I'm donating that one to our church and getting a fantastic new one with lots of goodies. Hubby says it's my last new stove so get the one I want. I took him up on it. Lots of canning and baking in my future ladies!! YEAH!

  4. Whoo hoo! Betsy! I want a new range. Now you and Brenda both have fancy stoves. Let us know how you like it. Oh, and take a picture, like Brenda did, we'll all drool.


  5. Cheryl, the hunka-hunka comes from Elvis's "Hunka-hunka burning love" and the quaint & curious could be a twist on "the Fast & Furious"?

    Betsy, I'm a proofreader, editor, wanna-be author-- could be in my future. Or I may offer our Haven in the Woods as a Bed & Breakfast for authors' retreats- Alex Kava said she used a nearby cabin for that once. Now if I could just learn to COOK & clean! ROFL
    Actually, I'm reviewing "The House That Cleans Itself" for Author Mindy Starns Clark mentions Mary Poppins as her heroine of magical 'putting away of clothes', but I coveted Smanatha's nose twitch (from Bewitched) and (I Dream of) Jeannie's crossing her arms & nodding! Guess I like fantasy because Dorothy's red shoe tapping & the teleporter on StarTrek intrigued me too (can you guess I don't care for time wasted traveling! LOL)

  6. I'm with ya, Lou. If I could just get from one place to another I'd be delighted. I hate tedious car rides and I'm not fond of flying.

  7. For a while I was doing a lot of speaking at conferences, but I haven't done that for the past couple years. The packing and airports are just a drag.

  8. Cheryl, in the picture of just your eyes, you LOOK a young 35!
    (pun intended) No wrinkles around or puffiness under them.

    You can leave the dollar under my pillow. When I offered a youth a quarter for a compliment, he said inflation hit, just like the tooth fairy. Remember when it was a dime? I thought I was RICH!! when you can buy some THREE for a penny candy, it sure stretched further. I remember when popsicles went from 5 cents to 7 cents before they went to 10.

  9. Hi, Cheryl.
    It was nice to see you yesterday.
    I have this unbelievable Carrot Cake chocolate. But I'll have to think about sending it. I've managed to amass a power base with this recipe.
    Offer it to exchange for them obeying my WILL.
    You know, the regular.

    I am a recipe nut though. I've actually self-published a recipe book...I'm talking REAL self-published...I laid it out and printed it on my home printer and gave it away at booksignings.
    There's some good stuff in there.

  10. Why, thank you, Lou. Now if I could just wear a veil or something, no one could guess I am truly all of 39 !!

    MARY! Hi, girlfriend! It was fun to see you, too. Do you have any of those cookbooks left? We could do a little guest blog and you could give one away.