Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Feature! Recipe Archives

Introducing a New Blog Feature!

You can now find all of the recipes I have ever posted by clicking on the link CHERYL'S RECIPE ARCHIVES in the sidebar to the right.

How cool is that?


  1. It's very cool, Cheryl!
    Hi Gang! Miss me? I got married on Oct. 4th. LOL! Lou. I was able to stop in and say hello 'cause the wedding was at 4pm and I'm on the computer in the morning.
    Anyway, we were married in a gazebo overlooking Newport Harbor. Everything from location to the ceremony was beautiful. I'll have pics. soon. If you're in MySpace I'll post a bulletin when they're ready. Glad to be back. Can't believe I'm a wife...a Navy wife...a VERY HAPPY WIFE!
    {{{Hugs to all!}}}

  2. As an avid reader of anything (cookbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, comics (now called graphic novels for good reason LOL), children's, young adult & novels,) I'll peek occasionally since I'm helping Special Educ High schoolers with Life Skills. What a HOOT when I still forget how to hard boil eggs for deviled eggs! ROFL, ROFL!!
    Mel, looking forward to photos. We got married at 9 pm so I had time to get a perm-not the brightest idea for a honeymoon smell! My matron of honor owned a beauty shop so fixed my Mom's hair also.

    It's raining here so pray for sunshine at 2:30 CST for Mrs Cole's daughter outdoor wedding.

    Mel, I am a Navy mom-to-be! David will be an officer when he graduates in 2010 from FL A&M U.
    He has no confidence that I can learn to use MySpace so maybe I should surprise him; his brother Brian lives with us but trying to pin him down for help is another story. When I swim at YMCA Sun afternoon, think I'll see him working; last weekend only heard his name on the intercom; he wasn't at the desk when I came or left!
    {{HUGS all around}}
    Congrats to Lila! You have one more signature than I do.

  3. Just what I need, more goodie recipes! Just kidding! There's always room for chocolate. Thanks for the new feature Cheryl.

    mel-Congratulations on being a wife. There's nothing like it. I have never had a moment when I thought getting married was a mistake. Of course, being married to the most perfect hero out of any novel helps. Goodness knows why he picked me!! Anyway, congrats and many blessings on your new life.

  4. Yay, for the recipe archives! I'm always worried I won't be able to find one of your recipes (especially anything involving chocolate) so now this is one less thing for me to worry about. :)

  5. I'm glad I was able to relieve a measure of stress for you, Julie. LOL Let me know if there's anything else that will make your life easier.


  6. Congrats, Lou! And you can do MySpace. C'mon!

    Thank you so much, Betsy. What a beautiful thing to say. He picked you because you are the perfect heroine. I could feel warmth from your post.