Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Look at our friend Holly's fall decor!

One of our favorite writers, Holly Jakobs loved the pumpkin planter idea. She is a fall decorator, too! Here's an insider look at Holly's house and her pumpkin planter. How cool is that?


  1. Holly you did such nice display. Love the planter you and Cheryl are so talented.

  2. I live TOTALLY at the end of the line.
    IF the earth was flat, I swear people would fall off, about a half a mile north of my house.
    So I don't decorate much. But I love fall lawn decorations like corn husks and pumpkins and gourds.
    I'd do that if anyone would ever see it.

  3. Beautiful decorations Holly. Someday maybe I'll try the pumpkin planter.

  4. LOVELY! Fall is my favorite time of year with colorful mums & changing leaves, the air & sunlight are just different.

    Mary, we are at the end of a one block street that T-intersects with a cul-de-sac so only 6 families pass us. So my flags are mainly for me. LOVE your description!!