Thursday, June 28, 2007

Take Two Winner This Week

This week's winner recieves two Steeple Hill Love Inspired titles.

HEART OF STONE by Lenora Worth

and A Hero for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad

and the winner is.........

there are so MANY to draw from this week!


You're probably exhausted from watching Eric work all week, so make a pitcher of tea and put your feet up. You've got some relaxing to do!


  1. Congratulations! I have read a Dry Creek book and it was great!

  2. Way to go Betsy! Cheryl always has the best books to give away (and to read!)

  3. How cool! Thanks Cheryl! I'm in Helena, MT visiting my grandkids and haven't had computer access for a couple of days so I'm the last to know. I'm so excited! I haven't read either of the books yet. YEAH!! More summer fun.

  4. Hi, Betsy! Glad you were able to stop by while you're on your vacation!

  5. Well...I'm really not on vacation. Dennis is in India on a business trip and I sat home alone last weekend. I decided not to do that two weekends in a row, so I took Friday off of work and went on a road trip to Montana! It's sure beautiful here at Jamie's house. Mountains about 4 miles away on all sides. Helena is in a beautiful valley. Hey Cheryl, it would make a great setting for one of your books!!!

  6. You know, I just started a story set in Monana! Send me pictures!

  7. I got your picture request after I got home Sunday evening. But, I can ask Jamie to email me some he has on his computer that he took from his house. Oh, its hard to leave those grandbabies!!