Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Critique Group

This is me and the gals I critique with every Friday night.
Left to right: Barb, me, Donna, Andrea and *lizzie
We had a fantastic chapter meeting this morning, and the program time was spent brainstorming. It's an activity that mizes us up with different people and jump starts our thinking. I got help with an idea for a story you'll be seeing soon!


  1. What a wonderful group of women! It must be so much fun getting together! I'm jealous b/c they get to know about all of your new books before any of us..LOL !! :)

  2. They DO get to know all about my books -- they get to suffer the writing process along with me. And sometimes they listen to me whine -- sometimes they bring chocolate! The core groups has been together for a r-e-a-l-l-y long time and some have come and gone. We celebrate each other's birthdays and submissions and cheer each other on. They are the other part of my brain.

    There's one important person missing, and that's Bernadette. She moved to Illinois a few years ago, but still critiques via email and phone. So picture her there with us.

  3. So your car automatically stops at garage sales - so does mine. Wish you would have been here lasr weekend to come to our Royal Ranger yard sale. We had everything. It took me three months of pricing - 3 days to hold.
    So what is a discouraged perfectionist? I read your profile. My husband is a perfectionist and married the farthest from that there is.
    I'm a peacemaker and so many times feel walked all over anymore. God Bless. Love your site. Jane Squires

  4. I think it's great that you belong to a wonderful group like this and that you help each other with your writing.

  5. Hi, Jane! Welcome! I found that "discouraged perfectionist" personality type quite a while ago. It means I want and need everything perfect, in orer, lined up, tidy, organized, just so...but life just ain't like that *g* so I occasionally just give up and let the whole shebang go to pot. But then, of course I start all over again because I can't stand it.

    I would have loved to come to your yard sale! I'll bet you had something I need and someone else got it. :-(