Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Matt Wertz

Katrina asked about the song on my Bones slideshow. The song is called 5:19. I found it by accident. adds music if you want, and 5:19 was one of the choices. The best choice! I really like it. The artist is Matt Wertz who looks really young, but hey, everybody looks young to me. LOL Here's his official website if you want to check him out. The website plays his songs, so you can hear more.

Part of his bio says:
Wertz is proficient at turning life’s lessons into a beautiful soundtrack, but he has a natural way of moving through those serious moments to a place where he can relax in the simplicity of life. He loves to laugh, and he has a guy-next-door charm coupled with movie star charisma that draws people to him. Chances are, if there is a group of people, and there is a sound system, then a Michael Jackson album will be playing, and Wertz will be in the middle of the room, on the floor, dancing. It’s no surprise that many of his friends wanted to accompany him in making Everything. They gathered around him for the recording process, headed by producer Ed Cash, who worked with him on his second album 23 Places (2003), and the Today & Tomorrow EP (2005). The result is his best album to date, one that will undeniably find a place at the top of the playlists of his ever-increasing fan base, which has largely grown by word of mouth.


  1. is it wrong that I went straight to I*Tunes and bought the album! Love it!!!

  2. LOL Katrina!

    Thanks for the info about this artist! I'm always looking for new great music!