Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lists for Eric

We haven't done this for a while!

Ding Dong! That's your doorbell and you go check. It's Eric Stromer. He's wearing his toolbelt and his truck full of fixer upper stuff is in your driveway. All he needs is direction from you. He has the rest of the week to stay and help you out, so find your list and put him to work.

What can Eric do for you today?

Here's my list:

I really need a new kitchen floor, hardwood, and I'd like it to extend all the way to the front door.

This is my dream list after all, I think I'll have new cupboards installed since he's here. There are six can lights in the garage, hook those up, will ya, sweetie? Oh, and somewhere out there is the antique fixture we bought to hang over the island. I've forgotten what it looks like.

Drywall mudded, taped and sanded and don't make a mess. I'll even fix you lunch. Wow, my kitchen is going to be finished!

Paint. I love paint. I even have the colors selected already, but he can shop and pay for it.

That should just about fill Eric's week. Come back soon. I want my master bath done, too.


  1. So...if I understand this process, "Eric" will do any construction project we have in mind? I would like a porch roof built over my front door to keep the sun off. If he has the time he could expand the back deck about 20 feet for all the cookouts we have. We never have enough room for everyone.

  2. Well, Eric ... do I have a job for you. After moving in OCTOBER and putting quite a bit in a storage room I have figured out (I found this out real soon after the move!) that my husband had packed my larger pots and pans in the storage room. SO, Eric my pretty. I would like you to clean and straighten the storage room and find my pots and pans. Considering my pack rat husband who doesn't throw anythning out (funny how things can come up missing though LOL) and how it put stuff in, it should take you all week to do that. Thanks load sweetie.

  3. Well, Eric could renovate the kitchen, sauna and living room. And paint the walls and the doors.

  4. You know, later I think Eric can fly us to each other's homes to see the finished work. Sue can cook us up something in one of her pans.


  5. The tile on our kitchen floor and counter needs to be replaced and the living and dining rooms need to be painted.

  6. I need the furnace vents to be finished, it is almost done but he could come and finish it. Plus drywall the stairway going upstairs, I really need it done it has been 12 years and still not done. If he had any time I could use some painting in the dining room. And if still more time the kitchen could use a remodel not to picky just something new I look to cook and could use a double oven and counter cook top. I think he will not want to come back after all this work.

  7. I love watching Eric on HGTV's Over Your Head! I would love having him around, too. My list of things that need done is soooooo long!

  8. LOL...I'll need Eric to build me my dream home! And maybe help me out with the landscaping!! And I'll go ahead and schedule him for future maintenancing issues :)

  9. Well, he's our dream man, Kathleen, so he can be at your place AND at mine! That's why we love him, eh?

  10. Carol, thanks for telling me where I can see this dream-hunk in action! I watch HGTV periodically but somehow missed him. :(

    DH DID install 2 garage doors this spring, but once the 92" screen went up and golf resumed, the "Honey Do" list of the past 12 yrs came to a HALT! Robert has GREAT mechanical skills so maintaining 3 cars from '92-'95 keeps him BUSY. He would appreciate Eric's help as well.

    So, Eric, dear, replace 2 interior doors & 3 ceiling fans, patch the hall wall, and PLEASE locate the leaks & patch before redoing the water stained ceilings in kitchen & computer room.
    I LOVE color so paint 3 bedrooms & 4 baths, with some wallpaper border and/or stenciling, plus fix the stool in half bath.

    SPECIAL project: create a wood rack to display my unique hand-pieced, -appliqued, -quilted Lewis & Clark wallhanging (WON in a raffle '03- Lucky Lou strikes again! LOL)

    Paint the deck or just replace it to enjoy the great outdoors mentioned in previous blogs. Let's enhance the view with a rock garden, landscape with lilacs, pussy willows, & prairie grass, top it off with a pond. Since this IS fantasy, Eric returns to weed the garden of asparagus, strawberries & hunts the wild mushrooms in the forest behind the house (that last is TRUE!)
    THEN, I will give Eric a well- deserved breather and have MISSION: Organization tackle my THREE rooms of books, books & MORE books so I can relax in a library with an actual wood-burning stove, convert one to an office & leave one as storage where I can actually walk thru & retrieve books (right, Sue?)
    Cheryl, if he does ALL this, He is a MIRACLE worker AND a dream man.

  11. I gotta tell ya, Lou, I think you WIN! You really put our Eric through his paces. But he's up to the challenge, and is of course of fantasy dream man.

    So GOOD to hear from you again! I've been wondering if you were just so so busy with the new job, but alas it was the sign in problem. I do hope you have it solved ASAP because we've MISSED you.

  12. I need Eric to:

    tape and paint my garage

    tile the front steps

    replace the patio door

    and, oil the shingles

  13. I have several jobs he could do at my house. I could keep him busy for months. :)