Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lion or lamb?

Rain rain rain rain rain in Nebraska today, and boy do we need it! We could do without the tornado warnings, though, which are as much a sign of spring as daffodils and robins, though not nearly as welcome.

I saw a robin in my back yard the other day, and took it as my own personal sign. We do live near a huge recreational area and lake and also along a main creek called the Papio so we see many varieties of birds all year. On Monday I saw sea gulls! Now that's unheard of except that they migrate of course, and we're near water and trees. A few years ago I saw a huge blue heron sitting in a tree, and it was one of the oddest things I'd ever seen. I had to go look it up in a bird book. Those just aren't Midwestern birds, but it's delightful to spot unlikely species enroute.


  1. I love birds. When I was in high school I took part in a special science program that had us take a unit of ornithology. We had to identify 50 stuffed birds and spell their names correctly for our final exam. I can't remember half of them now. LOL

  2. I'm just glad you saw the seagulls, too. I thought I was going crazy! :)

  3. Mary, where do you live?

    Jennifer, among my vast array of collections (g) is an assortment of birds and little bird houses. A reader made me a card - an ink and watercolor drawing of birds - it's so beautiful. That and a few other cards, plus my collection are on a shelf over the stairs to my lower level.

  4. I love the sound of rain on the skylight or roof, especially when reading a book in bed or in front of the fireplace. The puppy, Buddy Lee, just chewed my new bird book so I got another; fortunately both were cheap from thrift stores. He'd have gotten a beating or at least a yelling/swearing at if it had been a Signed CSJ or anyone else!!! I have GOT to get things picked up & put away over break so we don't have constant "Bad Dog, Bad Dog" conversations! He is taking quite well to the Gentle Leader lease system so check with your vet if you have a dog who pulls you along. It is not a muzzle or harness & better than a choke chain or shock collar. Back to the birds. We have 50-100 geese on the small lakes below our hill & just found the pictures I took of the 14 turkey pullets & Mama 3 years ago.