Monday, March 20, 2006

Let it Snow!

It's the first day of Spring, but it's WINTER in the Heartland! We have a snow day, with no school and interstate closings all over Nebraska. The neighborhood kids are building their first snow fort of the year and having a great time of it.

It's a good afternoon to be inside with a cup of coffee and my favorite decorating magazine. I did work this AM, but that's difficult with the family home and the household a buzz.

Baby, it cold outside!


  1. Dear Cheryl
    Met you in 11/05 at Aaron James Booksellers in Plattsmouth & again at Barnes & Noble 2/06. My very FIRST blog! Thanks for telling me Nick from Nick All Night was in Charlie's Angels (found him on pg 149)1 of 4 books I've had time to read in past 3 months/GREAT! Being from a small town (7000 pop), I saw many similarities to ours and my grandparents' hometown in Iowa so loved that it was set in my home state of which I am very proud.

  2. Cheryl, We had 2 snow days but I spent Tues on the couch with a cold, a Nora Roberts novel & hot tea. When I finish her latest trilogy, the rest of your books are waiting to give me pleasure and relaxation. Wish our digital camera wasn't broken! The snow was lovely to view, almost gone already. Warm regards, Lou

  3. Hi Lou! I love small town life and stories. I work to make the town a "character" in the book. I was born in Iowa myself, have mentioned that?