Saturday, December 03, 2016

Great Christmas Tree Tour 2016: *lizzie starr

I've participated in Cheryl's Christmas tree tour for a number of years now, and get a kick out of going back and rereading my posts. And seeing all the different trees I've posted. My family has a tradition of putting off putting up a tree (usually until some cleaning chore got done). The sibs and I dutifully carry on this tradition. When the tree is finally up, it's covered with a variety of ornaments; old, new, and now-a-days, showing off our favorite fandoms.

I've started small this year, and my decorations so far are just a bit... odd? Hopefully you'll enjoy a good chuckle. Because what's the holiday season without a resounding HO HO HO!?

First, at home on my newly constructed shelves. My Christmas Tree 2016. Complete with a favorite ornament, and of course a star. Hmm, I wonder what delightful things might be in those tiny prezzies. Maybe the boxes are like the TARDIS and are bigger on the inside. Wouldn't that be cool?
I also have a display at work--my Christmas Cactus. Again with a star. I have a lot of stars. And always need more. Imagine that. The peppermint tree is a more traditional addition and the kids at school love the cute bear. There needs to be some holiday fabric around the pots or covering my worn out filing cabinet though, don't you think? Decorating is always a work in progress. Perhaps I'll even be done by Christmas.

Even more than silly decorating, the best part of Christmas is family. Hold all their love and joy in your hearts for a while, especially when times are tough. Then spread your arms wide--knowing you've been blessed to share the Christmas spirit all year long!

So what else is going on this holiday season? Like my Facebook author page 
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Where in the world is Santa Doxie?

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Have a holly, jolly Christmas!

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  1. Thanks, Lizzie, I love the peppermint tree! Where is that wooden tree guy from? He really looks familiar to me. I'll have to check out the adventures of Santa Doxie. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. He would say, I am Groot. From Guardians of the Galaxy!
      Happy holidays!