Friday, December 07, 2012

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Tanya Hanson & Drawing

Merry Christmas from my little corner of a culdesac in coastal Central California!  Wow, a lot of C's in that sentence!)   My family stretches  from here to south in Orange County,  east to Scottsdale, Arizona and north to Reno, Nevada.  I've always loved Christmas, but the holidays are even brighter these days because I'm now gramma to the two dearest little boys ever.

May 2013 bring you every good thing!  I'll be giving away PDF or Kindle copies of my newest release, Christmas for Ransom, to three readers who email me at   Just put "Ransom"  in the header!


A good-hearted outlaw and the woman who gives him her heart...before she realizes it's HER horses he stole!   Member of the notorious Ahab Perkins gang,  "Canyon" Jack Ransom promised his beloved gram-maw on her death bed long ago that he'd learn to read. After growing a conscience and leaving his past behind,  he hires Texas schoolmarm Eliza Willows to do the deed while she, unbeknownst he's the crook, hires him in return to "track" the thief of her granny's prized Morgans.  Falling in love with each other is fast and furious but real...and the two getting snowbound at Christmas while gun-battling Ahab and the gang only adds to the fun!

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also available major e-outlets and The Wild Rose Press


  1. Grands do brighten the holidays, don't they? :-) I love that cover!

  2. Dang, I forgot to send Cher the pic of the tree. Maybe she can add it somehow. Sheesh. The boys are adorable but the tree is nice, too. (I had to borrow my niece's as ours isn't up yet do to a remodel. It should make it by the 18th...)

  3. Grand kids are the best and I love spoiling them rotten. LOL I love the cover on your book it is so beautiful. Can't wait to read it. Sounds like you have had a busy time with the remodel.

  4. Thanks, Mickey and Liz. I am so dumb not to send the tree pix. But I just did so maybe if Cher gets my email, she can load it up. Sheesh again.

    And thanks for the compliments about the book. I hope y'all like it.

  5. Thanks for posting the pic, Tanya. The boys are adorable and your book cover is gorgeous! I emailed you. ;-)


  6. Tanya, the picture of the Christmas tree is very nice. Your grandsons are adorable. I love the cover of your newest release.

  7. Oh, I just came back to see Lizzie's tree and saw yours, too--it's beautiful!

  8. Howdy, all, thanks so much for spending time with me during these busy days. And Cheryl, I sure thank you for the spot! Love to all and Merry Christmas! I picked my winner--Marcy. Hope y'all enjoy Jack Ransom.