Thursday, December 06, 2012

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Brenda Mazur

I met Brenda when I was signing my very first book. She has been a faithful reader and a friend for all the years since, and she contributes a photo of her Christmas tree to my tour every year.

This tree is all new, We went with a white tree so we could have purple decorations. I love purple so much, and this is perfect. I know I miss my Mickey,s but I have had them for so many years, it was time for something different. Maybe next year back to Mickey. It all started this year with me making a purple tree skirt for a quilting class I was taking, and from then I was on a roll. LOL Only problem is, I got into making everyone else a tree skirt, so I still need to finish a few things on mine. 

Here is our tree, and you will see we even have a purple angel. I hope everyone has a blessed Holiday season. 

                                                                        ~ Brenda


  1. Brenda,

    Love the tree BUT that tree skirt is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Wow. I love the purple and must second the gorgeous tree skirt being beautiful.

  3. That tree skirt is gorgeous! I once considered doing my tree in my favorite two colors- purple and green, with lights those colors and everything. After having a family though, our tree has become a hodgepodge of ornaments for us and the kids, by adding new ornaments each year (ornaments the kids will be able to take with them when they grow up and move away.) That's just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You do the BEST trees, Brenda. And your quilts are amazing.

    Thanks for being my guest today!

  5. love, love, love the purple. You'll see my purple tree in a couple of days. :)

    The tree skirt is beautiful! I'm envious--in a good way.

    Thanks for sharing your new tree!

  6. The tree skirt is gorgeous! Thanks for letting us see your new tree.


  7. The tree is beautiful...but the tree skirt is amazing, how gifted you are! And favorite color!! (since I'm a Red


  8. Cheryl, I want to thank you for putting my tree on your page, you are so famous now with all your trees. Thanks everyone for the good words it means so much. Happy Holidays to you all.


  9. You are so welcome, Brenda. I'm tickled to pieces how much of a hit my tree tour has grown into. I hear from a lot of people who are enjoying it. The comments don't reflect it, but a couple of hundred people a day usually visit.

    Thanks to people like you who share their trees!