Thursday, July 12, 2012

*lizzie starr: Chocolate Kisses and a Drawing

Happy Blogging Anniversary, Cheryl!

Since I seem to live in my own time-stream, I seldom remember how long ago I actually met someone. I do know I met her shortly after I started writing seriously--and she's one of those beautiful folks I feel as though I've known forever.

We share a number of similar interests beyond the love of storytelling--crafting, cooking, collecting (hmm, the three Cs). Today I want to talk just a bit about  another shared love--and another C.
Where would the world be without chocolate? I know, I know--there are people who don't care for chocolate. I wonder how that might be, but in reality, those folks simply allow those of us who love the creamy, brown smoothness to have more. And there's always room for more chocolate.

Our weekly critique group meeting often features chocolate of some sort--whether it's sampling a new, lower calorie fudge brownie or homemade chocolate cake with cherries and topping or hand dipped strawberries or cordial cherries.   I don't know how it happens, but chocolate always makes the night complete.
My personal preference for is for pure, unadulterated chocolate kisses. Umm, there's nothing like the smooth chocolate melting on the tongue. In fact, I share a love of chocolate kisses with some of my story characters. (I just couldn't step away from writing, could I?)

In the second tale of The Double Keltic Triad, Fires of a Keltic Moon, Lara even takes a bag of kisses back in time--to ancient Scotland, long before chocolate traveled to Europe. And introduces the hero's sweet tooth to the delights.

To celebrate Cheryl's blogaversary and love of chocolate, I'm giving away an ebook of Fires of a Keltic Moon (or any of my available books) to a commenter! (Please leave your email so we can contact you.)

Danger lurks in the long ago of Iain’s time and becomes a threat to Lara’s present. Can Lara and Iain defeat the evil and make their ways through time to find the love they both desire?

Lara Zeroun needs something in her life, so she opens a portal in time and travels to the ancient Highlands. But, how can she become involved with a dark, mysterious man who belongs to another time?

Due to the matriarchal line of inheritance, Iain is no longer able to lay claim to his father's lands. He's prepared to leave--until a golden-haired woman visits the manor on the arm of a wandering storyteller. But, with no land or possessions, Iain dares not succumb to the temptation of Lara.

Danger lurks in Iain's time and becomes a threat to Lara's present. Will Lara and Iain be able to defeat the evil and make their ways through time--finding the love they both desire?

*lizzie starr*lizzie made up games and stories to keep her company as a child. So, a witch lived in Grampa’s weather research station and was only held at bay by a certain weed. An ancient road grader became a boat carrying wild adventurers to islands filled with sheep that turned into lions and cannibals.

Now, the stories of her imagination have found their way to paper and pixels. Filled with fantasy and love, these tales take her readers far from the mundane world.

When *lizzie has to return to that mundane life, she’s the *Lunch Lady* at a parochial school. Happily, those who know *lizzie have become accustomed to her writer’s ways and just shake their heads when she goes off on some fantastical tangent, asks strange what if questions, or just has to find a piece of paper and a pen that actually writes. One of her greatest delights is to watch the joy of writing fill a friend, and she’ll do anything to help them achieve their dream.

Someday, when she grows up, *lizzie wants to be eccentric.

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  1. I have known Cheryl for many years as well and know of her passion for chocolate. She has introduced me to many of her author friends, you included. Your stories keep me interested to the end and fill me with fantasy and an escape from reality. Thank you for allowing me to become part of your 'world.'Sue (My email is

  2. Chocolate ... yumm! Chocolate & book--almost heaven :)

  3. Sue, I'm so glad you stopped by. Your words make my heart smile. Thank you! You're always welcome.

    Avery--I know. Books and chocolate. sigh. Thanks for visiting Cher's blog today!

  4. Rock on!! I LOVE your books, *lizzie!!! And, better news, I just got a Kindle for my birthday. Hooray!!

    Thanks for those I have to leave the computer for a chocolate break. :-)

    coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

  5. Chocolate and books do go together! Love your books Lizzie, keep them coming. I won't be able to enter because I don't have anything for a ebook. Just thought I'd stop by. Donna

  6. I love chocolate and books set in Scotland!