Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Pam Andrews Hanson: Writing from the Heart

I'm delighted to feature long time friends, Pam Hanson and Barbara Andrews today. When I was a fledgling writer many years ago, I joined my local RWA chapter and met Barb. My first experiences with reading my manuscript and critiquing took place in her home. She heard my very first attempts at writing and encouraged me.

I will always remember the warm open environment Barb provided as well as the support and friendship an insecure new writer so desperately seeks. I can easily say I learned a lot from her, not only about technique, but about the importance of an atmosphere of support. It was on several of those occasions when I met Pam and became friends with her as well. And so it is with great pleasure I introduce my good friend, Pam:

My mother/writing partner, Barbara Andrews, and I have been writing together for nearly 20 years.  And after publishing more than 30 books with traditional publishers, we are thrilled to be launching our first ’indie’ published e-book,  Faith, Fireworks and Fir. Written as Pam Andrews Hanson, it’s an original inspirational romance available for Kindle on Amazon and Nook on Barnes and Noble. 

This book, set in the small town of Evergreen, Michigan, tells the story of Faith and David, who each wonder whether they can find a partner in life, love, and belief.  Although they’ve known each other since childhood, their paths haven’t crossed in years. Faith runs her parents’ year-round Christmas store in Michigan, and accountant David owns his own firm in Phoenix, Arizona.  When David returns to Evergreen to persuade his two beloved aging aunts to retire, the women enlist Faith in their plan to thwart their well-meaning nephew. Both Faith and David have reason to doubt their own judgments in matters of the heart. Physical and emotional distances stand in their way. Yet they share strong feelings for each other rooted in love of family and the Lord,

Although Barbara and I are delighted to continue writing inspirational women’s fiction for Guideposts, we view writing e-books as another great way of connecting directly with our readers and telling romantic stories about people of faith from the heart of America.  Between the two of us, Barbara and I have lived in Michigan, Iowa, Arizona, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and – most recently – Nebraska.

One of the things we like best about the books we are writing now is they are stories about real people facing real challenges.  One of the highest compliments we’ve ever received came from a reader in West Virginia who said, “I love your books.  I feel like I really know these people.  Your books are the first ones I’ve read where they are about people like me.”

So why write e-books now? Everywhere we look we see people reading books on their Kindles, Nooks, or iPads.  We’re excited to reach readers this way.
This is not the first entrepreneurial venture my mom and I have tried. The summer after my junior year of high school, she and I went into the ‘junk’ business. My Aunt Marge (who gave my mom a paper bag of Harlequin romances which in turn spurred  her novel writing career) owned a flea market in a small southwestern Michigan town not far from the city where we lived. She offered us a booth to set up and sell our wares. We haunted garage sales for antiques and collectibles and books to resell. I started collecting cookbooks that summer. After expenses, I earned enough to buy myself contact lenses. It was the best summer job I ever had, and my mom and I had a lot of fun.
Just like we are now.


  1. Pam, Nice to meet you! And welcome to the world of indie publishing. :) May you have many and continuing successes. What a joy it must be to share so much with your mom.

    Cher, You continue to pass on the support and encouragement you received. Way to pay it forward, m'friend! We should all aspire to such a thing!

  2. Hi Pam and Barbara. The book sounds great. It's a brave new world, huh? With the ebooks.

  3. Thanks, *lizzie. I hope that's true. And you know my "what goes around comes around" life philosophy.

    I currently chatting with the person who designed this cover. :-)

  4. Thanks so much again Cheryl and all! And we love the cover, designed by Kim Van Meter! She does amazing work. And credit for the title goes to Harlequin romance author Holly Jacobs, who is also a friend of Cheryl's!

  5. Pam, The writing world is such a small one, and I love the way it circles back on itself. Your mom encourage Cheryl, and when I first started writing, Cheryl did the same for me. Both of you have always been my cheerleaders...and it's meant so much to me!

    I read, and was delighted by Faith, Fireworks and Fir!!


  6. Pam and Barbara,
    I love that you are a mother daughter team working side by side to create beautiful stories.
    What an incredible experience to work with your mom.
    Good luck with this new endeavor. I'm without an e reader - sent it back. I read best with book in hand I learned!
    God bless you both and may this bring you many new fans.
    Blessings, Barb

  7. Which goes to show, talent is obvious, even when technique needs a little work. I always knew you would make a splash, Holly. Same goes for my friend Sherri Shackelford, who just sold to LIH. She has what it takes and it's easy to spot.

  8. Good luck with your e-book, Pam. You and your mother are wonderful writers, I am sure it will do good. I look forward to reading it.