Saturday, October 02, 2010

Alexis got an award!

Instead of soccer, Alexis went out for track and field this year. After the last meet yesterday, they gave out awards and ribbons. Alexis got a ribbon and listened as they called out the players who got awards like most improved, etc.. She didn't get one. Just as the ceremony was finishing up, she said they announced the final award. This one wouldn't be given at that time, but would be presented in the fall in front of the entire school. And for the student with the most sportsman like conduct, the one respectful to staff, other players and opponents alike, the award went to...Alexis. Her mom cried. Alex was so proud when she called me and even came over to show me her ribbon. We're all eager to see her awesome plaque in the fall.

Congratulations, Alexis!


  1. that is the best award!!!
    almost made me cry and i don't even know her :)

  2. How lovely. What a proud moment for the whole family. Caroline x