Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dancing With the Stars and American Idol

Was anyone surprised that Shannon Doughterty went home first? She wasn't THAT bad. Not as bad as Buzz or that soap guy or even poor struggling terrified Kate--who I still like. But Shannon must not have had as many fans calling in for her. I did like their jive number and thought she kept up just fine. I was never a 90210 fan. What kind of character did she play? Would that make a difference? Trying to figure it out. Maybe the gushing with her daddy didn't go over too well.

I am a Nicole Sherzinger fan and always have been. She is just gorgeous and really nice - and she can dance like nobody's business. I think she came into the competition with an unfair advantage, being a dancer already, as compared to say--oh Buzz or Kate. Seriously, what were they thinking with Buzz? The choices baffle me.
The fights this week were interesting, no?

I have to watch online the next day, because I have rehearsals on Monday nights.

Idol: I was okay with Didi going home. She was a one horse show, and her voice and style is a little on the irritating side. I still think she sounded like, but wasn't as good as, Megan with the tattoed arm. She was adorable. I'm underwhelmed all the way around this season. I'm a little weary of Sioban, who I really do like, but like Simon I'm getting tired of the screaming.

If I had to pick favorites, I'd pick Lee and maybe Crystal. She can't get by being a Janis Joplin sound alike forever, but maybe this week she changed that just a little. Yes, I think I'll go with Lee.
The pic has nothing to do with the topic - I just thought it was hilarious.


  1. I love Lee and Crystal! And, I think maybe Shannon's bad attitude got her sent home...flipping the birdie to her partner, didn't help her image. I noticed all the fights as well, but it is tv,so they've got to keep the ratings up!

  2. Hi Cheryl!
    I saw you over in Seekerville so I decided to check out your blog.

    It's really nice!

    I was surprised by Shannon going home definitely. Kate is driving me crazy! It's like get up, stop complaining, and move your feet! Lol.....I like her, but wasn't prepared for her being like....this. DwtS doesn't have the best group this year I don't think. I don't know....I think it's overkill having Jake on it.

    Idol does not have the best group this year, if you ask me. I didn't love Didi, but I liked her better than Tim. I'm sorry, but he'll probably be gone next week unless he has a MAJOR turn around. My mom, sister, aunt, and I have gone to see the tour the past two seasons, it's kind of become a tradition of sorts I'd say. However, based on what we've seen so far, we're not so sure that we even want to go.

    I'm just happy that I still have my Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice Thursdays and Castle Mondays!!!! Lol! We know the characters on those and don't have to deal with weird reality drama and fights.

    I'm signing up to be a follower of your blog, just to let you know. Like you, I am blog CRAZY! Lol!
    Talk to you soon,

  3. By the way, that picture is DEFINITELY hilarious!!

    : D


  4. Hannah, I LOVE having someone to talk TV shows with! Some of these I watch on the web because I don't have enough free evenings. lol

    I am a Gray's fan, too - and I love Castle. I never got into Private Practice, because I never liked the character they moved over from Gray's.

    I also LOVE Trauma this year.

  5. I do too! Plus I don't know anyone that watches Castle, so that's VERY exciting!! Did you here that after this past week's episode they got signed on for the 3rd season! Woohoo!

    It took me a while to get used to Addison, but she has grown on me SO much. It's much better for her to have her own show, though because she didn't quite fit in with the Grey's crowd, I didn't think. The atmosphere of PP is totally different from Grey's. I LOVE it!

    I've never watched/heard of Trauma. Is it new this year?

  6. This is the second season of Trauma, I think. The characters are fascinating. I'll do a blog on it.

  7. No, I didn't know they signed Castle for another season. Whoo hoo!

  8. Oh okay, sounds good! I've never heard of it, so that'll be interesting.

    I know, woohoo is right!!