Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Melinda Elmore

Melinda says:

"This is my Christmas tree. It is decorated in all glass ornaments. Some of the ornaments have photos of my kids and several for my father in law who passed away in 2001.

"The tree is special to me becasue my daughter, son , husband, and myself place the ornaments together every year. Christmas is my favorite holiday not because of gifts but becasue my family is everything to me. I have been blessed to have such a wonderful family that I cherish everyday.

"I also have an ornament on the tree for Native Americans for my heart is for them also. One ornament is for St. Jude's Hospital for all the cancer patients."

Thank you for sharing your tree with us, Linda! It's definitely a special one filled with memories and hope.

Melinda is a special friend of the Fillies at Wildflower Junction, and a supporter of all western genre books. As she would say, "Walk in peace and harmony."

Precious Hawk is viciously taken from her people and forced to live in the white world, causing inner turmoil. Many years later, Cloud Feather, a perfect stranger, arrives to work on her husband’s ranch. Experience the “awe” when Cloud Feather rescues his beloved Precious Hawk, who has come to him in many of his dreams. His heart is to return Precious Hawk to her ancestral lands where she rightly belongs. On the run, the daring couple nearly lose their lives.

Cloud Feather is gravely wounded. He is taken to his village in hope that Red Wing, their medicine man, can save his life. All the while, Precious Hawk is with child, Cloud Feather’s child. But Precious Hawk knows the evilness of John Altan. Will he ever leave her alone? No, not until he is dead. The Great Spirit joins their love, faith keeps their minds hopeful, and their spiritual guides deliver guidance.


  1. Cheryl,

    Thank you for posting my tree. My husband and I have been happily married for 22 years and our love grows stronger everyday.

    You are a special and dear friend and your books warm my heart and takes me to another place which I would not have known if not for your writing

    Please visit my new blog for Native Americans

    Thanks Cheryl and Merry Christmas

    Walk in peace and harmony,