Monday, December 14, 2009

Great Christmas Tree Tour: Barbara Phinney

Barbara says:
"The angel is crooked because our son, the tallest in the family, is out at a meeting, and none of us can effectively fix our poor angel! Still, we're all proud of our tree here, its decorations all have significance to us. Why, we even have a tiny Bible about an inch tall, with real font (totally unreadable to the naked eye)!"

Thank you for participating in this year's Great Christmas Tree Tour, Barbara!

Who killed the bride and groom?
Everyone thinks it was "that troublemaker," Peta Donald. Gossips say she came home to stop the wedding. That jealousy led her to murder.

No one on Northwind Island believes that Peta has changed since her youth. And nothing has changed in town. Peta is still shunned by everyone. Everyone except Lawson Mills, whose appearance on the island is as mysterious as the double murders. Peta is sure he has an ulterior motive for helping clear her name. Full of questions about another set of murders, Lawson is secretive about himself. Until they discover what's behind Peta's deadly homecoming…

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