Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Christmas Tree Tour: AusJenny

Jenny says:We don't really have a theme. I always put it up, and 2 years ago we got a new tree. The top is small ornaments that you cant really see. The bottom is a range of ornaments. A couple of the big balls we have had almost 50 years. Mum and Dad got them when my brother turned one. He's 50 this December.
Also a few of the smaller glass balls, the bird, and a few other glass ones are that old. We have some newer that are around 25 years. They are bells and satin balls.

About 20 years ago Mum got some from the Readers Digest. They are sweet. The cloth balls I made. We have an angel made from a stocking someone gave us, plus some beaded ornaments from a penpal. I have an Operation Santa bear (for the USA troups) from an internet friend, and this year received 3 lovely ornaments one bear and 2 glass bonbon type ornaments. You may just see them at the bottom. Oh and my University of Indiana ball from a online friend too. There are some beaded stars I made last year also. We then add some tinsel and finish with the icicles. I may be alone now, but its not Christmas without the tree. I take a tiny one with me when I go away, which I will be this year. Can't stand having my hotel room not being decorated for Christmas.

Jenny aka Ausjenny

Thank you for sharing your tree with us, Jenny!

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