Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pics on Wednesday


Bama and Alexis


  1. What wonderful pictures! Do Jared and Alexis like to hear that they look like you? Cuz that's what I'm thinking...

  2. Really? I don't know that anaone has ever said it, because Alexis looks so much like her mom and Jared looks like his dad, but then my son does look a little like me.

    As a matter of fact, on the day these pics were taken, Jared was in the game and in the sun, I noticed that Alexis's eyes are exactly--and I mean exactly the same color as my son's. Kind of gray with green flecks around the irises. I mentioned it, and my daaughter-in-law said, "They're exactly the same color as yours."

    I was surprised, because I had never realized it. I've always thought my eye color was boring--I mean GRAY--but on Alexis it's so pretty.

    We tried to get a really close up shot of our eyes, but it was too sunny, and we were squinting. LOL

    Thanks, Magdalena!