Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a weekend! & Reader's Corner

Soccer tournament, church with pot blessing dinner and a birthday party. We're full and tired. Plus Jay and Jared installed a new front storm door with a retractable screen. It's awesome. This pic is what I see out the front door. We have a new one for the back door, too, but that's another week's work. Jay has all the upper cupboard doors off right now and is in the process of refinishing them. So all the cupboards need painted before the doors go back on. Will let you know when I post those photos on the kitchen remodel blog.

Alexis's team won second place in the championships, for those of you who follow regularly. Whoo hoo!

And I'm crazy about my purple and orange flowerbed this season.

I had an idea a while back and want to carry through with it now. I'd like to have a Reader's Corner feature and feature YOU! I love hearing from you,learning about your lives and hobbies and kids, etc., and I think other readers would find each other interesting as well. I've posted a few of your pics in the past, but I'd like to make you a regular feature.

So THINK ABOUT it, but not for too long - and then send me a little something about you. Like a couple of paragraphs about your favorite books and your family or your hobby. And take a photo or have someone take a pic of you by your bookshelf or knitting or reading or whatever and send them to me!


  1. Beautiful flowers Cheryl! Dennis put a storm door with retractable screen on our front last fall. I also love it. Much easier to open and close.

    I had a really busy weekend too. It was our annual ladies retreat in the mountains of western Montana. So amazingly beautiful there. I could easily live there forever!

    I'm prcrastinating this morning. Getting ready to paint the bedoom today. Dennis moved the furniture for me yesterday. He'll put a chair rail up later in the week and then I'll paint the attached sitting room next week.

    Guess I better get moving. Have a great day. Oh...I love the idea of a readers corner and look forward to it.