Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm excited to share the first READER'S CORNER post with you this morning! Meet Penney and her adorable daughters. Penney is teaching them to crochet, and they have made some awesome things, including clothes for their Brat dolls. How fun is that?

Kira goes to a Math & Science Academy and Heather will soon be starting high school.

Penney and her daughters call their parakeets budgies. She claims they are monsters because they talk up a storm. They make burping sounds, thanks to her girls. The blue and white one is Jack. He belongs to Kira. The yellow and green budgie is Penney's. His name is Darvos. The grayish blue one is George. He was being beaten up by older birds at a pet store, so Penney rescued him. He makes beautiful canary sounds.

Thanks for sharing with us, Penney. All of your babies are beautiful, birds and girls alike. LOL

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