Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gray's Anatomy - Brilliant Season Finale

I thought Gray's Anatomy was great last week - with the dramatic scene between Meredith and the chief - but this week - what suberb writing.

They lost me last season - I haven't forgiven them for the whole idiotic dead Denny thing, but the relationships have flourished, and that's what it's all about. Awesome that Christina has a love interest again - though I still see that doctor from his last show where he passed himself in time. Can't remember the name of that one.

And finally Meredith and Derik together - and finally Alex and Izzy together - I was perfectly okay with her dying because she's such a flake, but now I don't want poor Alex to suffer. Woops, looks like he's gonna, eh?

I'm pretty sure she's a goner. She's leaving the show - and George as well. Just throw him under the bus, eh? I had a feeling all along that guy was going to be someone we know, and then when he was trying to write something on Meredith's hand I knew. Brilliant! Kudos to you, GA writers!

Hate to see him go, but since he was going anyway, what a grand exit.

And why, oh, why, did every show need a token lesbian these last 2 seasons??
Gray's Anatomy, House - and Bones, for goodness sake! Angela? Come on, people.


  1. Cheryl I guess I am one of those crazy people because I liked Izzy I thought the story line was way out there with Denny. That is where we got Isabel's name from Izzy.
    And George how can they get rid of two main people I think Grey's is going DOWN!!!!!! Just my thoughts if they are both gone I won't watch it anymore.
    And the two women that is just to much for me...

  2. I liked Izzie and George. It's sad that they killed off George. It would have been nice for him to just go off and do the Army thing and be able to come back later on. Izzie dying was understandable what with all the health issues she was facing, but it's still sad. My faves are MerDer though and I like the coupling of McSteamy and Little Grey. They're cute together. I will miss Denny, though, he's pretty hot.

  3. DeadDenny is in P.S. I Love You. Have you see that?