Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol Season 8

Cheryl's Predictions on The Top 13

Tonight the contestants chose songs from the Michael Jackson songbook. I do like MJ music, so figured it would be a knockout night. Paula looked fabulous.

First up was Lil Rounds, mother of three from Memphis. A tornado destroyed their home and they've been living in a long-term motel. Lil had a great quote: "The day you let go of your dreams is the day you let go of your life."

Kicking off the night with R&B style, Lil sang The Way You make Me Feel. She is a good performer with a great voice. She wore awesome earrings, by the way. Simon hated her outfit. Paula loved it. Some night each of the contestants should wear a black T-shirt and see what Simon has to say.

She is one of my favorites.

Scott MacIntyre was next, impressively playing a black grand piano as he sang Keep The Faith - with passion. Scott has been blind since birth, and played the piano as a small child. His sister is also vision-impaired. Impressive that he learned to play and sing this song just this week.

Simon said it wasn't a familiar song and he didn't like it. Scott has a pleasant voice, but for me the performance wasn't out of the park. He's still one of my favorites. I am really hoping they have an Elton John night, because he'd tear it up.

Watch this one!
Danny Gokey, 28, is a church music director from Wisconsin (in my language that's worship leader). He comes from a big musical family and lost his wife to cancer only weeks before the tryouts. He and a friend tried out, but his friend didn't make it. Danny sang Pretty Young Thing and rocked the house. Paula and Kara loved him, clapping and dancing. Paula said she'd recognize his voice with her eyes shut. Simon thought he sang awesomely, but that his dancing was hideous. Randy loved it all and Kara recognized Danny's joy in singing. She told him to thank his parents for making him sing his homework.

I HEART Danny and can see him winning/in the top three.

Michael Sarver is an oil rigger from Jasper, Texas who has a wife and young daughter. He sang You're Not Alone. I like to hear him sing, but I don't really care to watch. He has a nice smile. The song had a key change and he transitioned it beautifully. Simon says: He's not the best singer, but has passion and heart. Randy thinks he's one of the best.

In my opinion, he might go this week or next. When placed beside the competition,
he's only okay.

Jasmine Murray is 17 and from a big family in Mississippi. Her mom has to stay with her because she's a minor. She wore a cute dress and sang I'll Be There, one of my favorite MJ songs. She has a young vibe and will be popular with the young people who watch and vote. She has the glam factor goin' on and is poised.

Randy pointed out that he recorded the remake with Mariah Carey, and he liked Jasmine's version. Simon called her "Jas" and thought she was a little robotic. "Act your age," he told her.

She's not one of my favorites. I'd be okay if she was voted off, but I don't think it's likely. She's been a judge favorite from the beginning - it's the whole package thing - and I think kids will vote for her.

Kris Allen, 23, is from a big family in Conway, Arkansas, married 5 months and a church-goer with a pretty blond wife. He played the guitar and sang Remember the Time. I was confused, because he sang in a rock-style, but wore an awful green plaid short-sleeved shirt with pearl snaps like a western shirt. He holds his mouth funny when he sings, but he has an okay voice. The girls love him. He's one of Kristin's favorites.

Kara liked that he played his guitar; she thought it helped his performance. She revealed that he had helped other contestants with their songs that week--seems he's a big MJ fan. Paula said he's adorable.

Not one of my favorites.

Allison Iraheta is 16 and has wanted to audition since she was 9. She has a rocker look, with bright red hair and black clothing, and she sang Give It To Me in her gravelly unique voice. I compare her to Carly Smithson last year - but she's not nearly as good - and Carly didn't win. Simon said they know who she is because she's identified herself, and Kara told her to keep being a rocker girl.

She's okay, but not one of my favorites.

Anoop Desai, from North Carolina is an only child, taught his Indian culture and religion by his parents. He came on as the last choice in the judges' Wild Card pick and made the count 13 this year. He's one of *lizzie Starr's favorites - she has a thing for guys from India. He sang Beat It, and the song was a mistake, because he didn't do it justice.

Paula said that song was untouchable and anyone other than MJ singing it was kareoke. For kinder-than-necessary Paula that was harsh. Simon said the performance was horrible and lightweight and all agreed it was a poor choice of songs.

In my opinion - buh bye.

Jorge Nunez from Puerto Rico speaks Spanish of course, and came from a big family. At first I thought he was kinda of cute, but now I think he's a little on the freaky side. He sang Never Can Say Good-bye, but it was more Tom Jones than Michael Jackson.

QUESTION: Is wearing a sport coat with the sleeves pushed up tight above your elbows in style? I am not a fashion diva, but it reminded me of Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

His eyes and smile are what started freaking me out. Randy said the song was old fashioned. Kara felt no emotional connection. Paula didn't think it was the right song, but believes he deserves to stay. Simon thought it was an awful arrangement.

Jorge is my pick for most likely to be voted off this week.

Megan Joy Corkrey is a single mom who is a font analyst and had never been on a stage before. She's divorced and her best friend is her brother. She is a beauty, this girl. She sang Rockin' Robin, another of my favorite MJ/Jackson Five songs. She has an unusual way of pronouncing certain words and has the cutest actions and little dancing twists as she sings. She's unique.

Kara said, "That's so Megan" could be an expression and told her she put her signature on everything she did. Paula loves her quirky and unique tone. I do too.

I HEART Megan and think she'll be a real contender. She NEEDS to step up her song choices to compete with Danny and Adam! Note: They will be her competition.

Watch this one!
Adam Lambert grew up in San Diego but moved to Hollywood/LA to pursue a career. Black emu hair - Jay doesn't care for him because of his looks. Adam has a theater background. He sang Black or White in all-out BIG style. He has blown away every song he's done so far.

Paula loves him. She said we'll see him in the finals and gushed as though he'd already won. Simon said Adam was in a different league than everyone else we'd seen tonight. Randy thinks he's the most current, that he could make a record right now and be at the top of the charts. Adam had tears in his eyes by that time. (Good thing he didn't have on as much black eye makeup as last week.) Kara said he hit notes she didn't know existed and hoped MJ was watching.

Adam is one of my top favorites, and I double-ding guarantee you he'll be in the top three/two. I will find a Youtube for you when they're posted this week.

Matt Girard was in a tough position following Adam, and that will likely be a tough spot throughout the competition. His dad is his biggest fan. Matt played the Yamaha grand piano and sang Human Nature. He has a nice voice with great inflections, but again it was difficult because of the comparison.

All of the judges loved him. Randy compared him to Justin Timberlake. I guess the kids will like him? He's just okay for me.

Alexis Grace is a 21 year old single mom. Her dad is a long-haired musician. The Glam Squad did a great job on her hair, red tips are her signature, and she looked good. She's petite and cute with great teeth. She was one of my favorites from the get go. I had high hopes for her....

Dressed in tiny black satin shorts, she sang Dirty Diana. The word that came to me was slinky, but Kara said naughty. The judges liked her, except Simon thought her singing was over the top. I tend to agree.

She used to be my favorite, but the performance left me a little cold this time. I still like her, but she has to get her game on.

So there you have it - my annual commentary on the top contestants. Are you watching? Do you agree?


  1. My favorites... Danny, Kris and Lil. Such a fun show tonight!

  2. So, I have a thing for East Indians? Okay... Although Anoop didn't do himself a favor last night. (and I can't hear Bad without also hearing wierd al's

    My top picks of the night were Danny and Adam. For oh so different reasons. Unlike your DH, I like Adam's look Okay, the hair's even growin' on me. :)

    I didn't think much of any of the girls, but will say that nobody was a stinker last night. It's all gonna come down to the voting. Wonder what they new judging thing is gonna be tonight. 'the public' may not like it, but I'm enjoying some of the change up. Keeps us on our toes. LOL

    I'm looking forward to a great season!

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